Tour de france 2012 predictions

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by MattSoutherden

So would Cofidis.

I'l like to win the next TT I do with pros in the field.

Ain't gonna happen though, :D
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by tymon_tm

vino will be out there waiting for the moment to make a move, but he wont win

evans, menchov, wiggo, all the favourits will be beaten by some underdog of yet unknown identity

if sagan is what he appears to be, this tdf could be all about green

oh, and schleck will crash
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by LouisN

I looked at all the 2012 stages on the website (
I like the profile. Doesn't seem to be lots of stages where there will be a bunch sprint with some big train leadout ...
Along with the big mountain stages, also a few stages with brutal climbs (14th stage). Can't wait for the suspense to begin.
I really can't see who's going to win this tour.
My vote goes for Cadel.
IMHO, he's the most likely to go for three weeks without weakening too much...
I'll be routing for Ryder of course. I think he is the (Garmin-Barracuda) official leader for the Tour 2012 ?
I also like Pierre Roland...

Louis :)
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by nathanong87

1. dylan
2. dylan
3. dylan
4. dylan
5. dylan

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by prendrefeu

I look forward to Dylan spitting hot fire.
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by MattSoutherden

Dylan put in some great tours in the past, but I don't think he's able to crest the heights with the big boys any more. IMHO, I suspect that some of his performances in previous years may have relied on pharmaceutical enhancement. Still he was great to watch in his prime.

:D :D
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by Dov

Why do people hate Wiggins? I don't understand.
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by Kasparz

People tend to hate other people who are stronger/faster/more fit than they are.

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by shoopdawoop

Nope, its just the sideburns. :smartass:

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by Mike V

I'm giving the nod to the Mod!

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by airwise

Dov wrote:Why do people hate Wiggins? I don't understand.

I get the impression that people see no emotion or adventure but it's science that's taken that out of modern cycling - not Wiggo who is simply a great example of what it produces.

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by WinSuits

stella-azzurra wrote:The tour is almost starting and we have seen some of the possible favorites in the last few big races and classics.

What is your pick?

I am going with

Evans ------->Yellow
Cavendish --->Green
Gesink ------->KOM

Second place on GC: Wiggins

Third place on GC: Nibali, Frank Schleck

Alternate Green: Sagan

Alternate KOM: Sanchez

Dark Horses:
Hesjedal ------->Yellow
Kittel --------->Green
Valverde ------ >KOM

The best and brightest pharmacists will win.

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by n1klass

I predict a TT win for Gustav Larsson even though he main goal is the olympic TT this year. He looked like hes was in great shape at the national TT race here in Sweden yesterday where he smoked the rest of the field. Tobias Ludvigsson in second place was over a minute behind.

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by KWalker

Cav won't win the Green, he even said he won't bother trying.

I'm thinking that JJ Rojas will take Green since Kittel and Sagan just don't have the experience yet to hit the intermediates day-in and day-out and still be fresh enough for stage wins. While Movistar is going for GC possible, he doesn't need a leadout and was always in the mix last year.

For Polka Dot I think it'll probably be one of the top 5 GC guys, Rolland, Gesink/some Rabo dude, Sorensen, or VdB.

Yellow is Evans or Menchov.
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by tranzformer

Ryder for yellow? Can't imagine anything more exciting than to see him ride well and be in the hint for yellow.

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