How many short sleeve jerseys?

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by BobSantini

I have only 3 in wearable condition.
All my jerseys are short sleeved.
Arm warmers are preferable to long sleeves imo.
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by kgt

3 are also enough for me.

by Weenie

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by aerozy

4 castelli bib shorts, 4 mavic short sleeve espoir jerseys, 4 sets of leg and arm warmers that I rotate during the warmer months and wash (!) after every ride. Loads and loads of gloves (love all my set of aero gloves) and socks. Oh and 5 pairs of shoes (4 summer/1 winter).

I have loads of older sets of kit that I keep as a backup and which I dont generally use cause their not as comfortable as my current kit.
For those of you that dont wash up thats sounds like a good recipe for saddle sores. I used to get loads (w/ assos bib shorts) but not anymore with the castelli chamois. Long live the castelli family! :up:
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by airwise

At last count 22 jerseys and 14 pairs of bibs.

As each gets worn less than normal they will last me a good while before needing replacing and with inflation will have saved me money.

My favourites are now some ten years old and going strong.

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by sawyer

About 10-11 SS jerseys and 6 bibs.

2 helmets, 2 pairs shoes (important to have two pairs shoes IME), 3 pairs armwarmers.

Only really wear 4 of the SS jerseys.

Always wash everything between rides yes (other than gloves, armwarmers and helmet)
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by si1ver

I have about 4 that I regularly use for training rides and about 7 decent quality plain jersey for long distance rides and events . I guess its a not acceptable as well as unhealthy to re-use the jersey :? :? before washing :-

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by Gregorio

Don't be "that guy" who shows up on a group ride and smells so bad no body wants to be near him.
That is disgusting. I even wash my gloves after every ride.

I think I have a dozen jerseys and 8 bibshorts that I wear. I ride 6 or 7 days a week. I do have some other kit that I save for mtb or poor weather.

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by Camilo

My strategy is three sets of everything: shorts (bibs), jerseys, helmet liners, socks. I happen to have four of each now (and actually more jerseys and socks than that), but for me a minimum of 3 complete sets so I can do a load of wash after going through two sets and still have a complete set to use. I wash everything after every ride except my leg and arm warmers, jacket and gloves. I wash that stuff as needed.

I don't own any long sleeved jerseys preferring to use arm warmers or a long sleeved "base layer" (aka thin polypro that can be used for any sport).

Yes, I <choke> do own a couple of sleeveless jerseys and wear them regularly when it's hot. No I don't look like an adonis, but they are comfortable and give me a preferred tan line.

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by djm

4-5 team jerseys that I use when I'm at home, 2-3 bibs I can use with it. I try to always ride in my team/club kit when I'm not someplace outside my home town.

In addition I have a whole bunch of kit I'll wear when I'm riding elsewhere or want some variation!

And yeah.. drying out your bib and the pad especially is important. Bacteria tends to die in clothing once it's dry - and clean of course.

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by nathanong87

more jerseys , not as frequent runs to wash.

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by rustychain

Every year I treat myself to a new jersey and bibs. Maybe 6 short sleeve jerseys and 4 bibs survive. Now if you want to talk winter kit................... :shock:
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