Smith PivLock v2?

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by SolidSnake03

Ended up getting a pair of the Pivlock v2 Max and good news and bad.

The Good: Didn't conflict with any helmets, great choice of lenses, huge amount of coverage, not overly tight/painful

The Bad: Had issues with nose piece and temples slipping when sweaty *just didn't hold like glue like Oakley's do*, contacted with forehead

The slipping was really bugging me so they have been sold sadly. Going back to Oakley Radar's where they at least stayed put. The Radar Range's I used to have were the perfect size of lenses so I think I'm going back to those....if anyone has an extra pair feel free to let me know :mrgreen:
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by Weenie

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by beardking

I have th pivlock v2s. I much prefer them to my jawbones due to the lightness and the unlimited field of vision. fogging doesn't seem to be an issue for me and they stick well to my face and i practically forget i have them on

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by sanrensho

I've had a good number of rides now with the V90 glasses and can report that they do a great job of not sliding down, much better than previous glasses I have used (mostly Ryders).

I find them perfect for 90% of the riding I do. The one weakness is when doing long alpine descents in a tucked position. I originally started looking at shield-type glasses because I found the top rim/smaller lens coverage with standard framed glasses meant that I was peering over the rim in a tuck. This isn't a problem with the Pivlocks, but I now experience double vision, blurring, and watery eyes when trying to peer down the road in a tuck on a fast descent. The shape of the lens or lack of top rim seems to causing turbulence behind the lens in this situation. Anybody else experience this with shield-type or large-coverage glasses?

I'm not sure what is causing the blurriness/double vision.

I am sold on the glasses for pretty much everything else. For now I have to back off on the descents a bit.

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by wkwt

I've been using the V2s for the past week and agree with other's opinion that field of vision and fit is great.

One possible downside: I sweat a lot, even wearing a headband under my helmet. Maybe b/c there is just more lens, but the sweat streams down the lens from my forehead. After this goes on for a while, it gets kind of blurry and, although I can see, it is a bit distracting. I didn't have this issue w/ my Oakley Jawbones.

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by ultyguy

Been using my jawbones most of the season but went back to these this weekend. Great field of vision as always. Other + is that they fit much better in the Giro Aeon than the jawbones do (but jawbones fit great into Bell Vole and Giro Ionos when climbing). They still fog pretty easy though, guess that's the trade-off.

Any word if they're going offer custom arms/nose piece? Seems like a really easy upgrade that lots of people (I know I would) go for.

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by joeldesgreniers

I just got a pair of V2 max in Acid yellow. I really like the coverage of the lens and the lack of frame. The earpieces are sticky enough ( stickier than my Adidas, but not as much as oakley's) to wear them during cyclocross races. The only downside with the way it fits on my face is that the nosepiece sits awkwardly on my nose, which tilts the glasses a little upward (to correct this, I'd have to wear the earpieces higher than sitting over my ears...)

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by beardking

they've just been reviewed on tririg ... _V2_Review

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by Imaking20

I also sweat from my head a lot and have learned to hate my Flak Jackets because they're quickly clouded with dried sweat and the top bar is always in my way in a low position. I don't think I'll find any glasses to avoid the sweat situation (because it's not you, it's me) but I'm really look forward to picking up a pair of these.
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by fio

Received my set of V2's yesterday and got a nice hour ride in with them. Excellent field of vision, much better than my Jawbones. They definitely float on the face better too, and the adjustable nose piece is excellent. Super happy with them so far!

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by sanrensho

Does anybody know if the V2 arms and nosepiece fit the older V90 lenses?

Also, does the V2 fit wider than the V90? (hoping not...)

Edited: This article seems to suggest that V2 fits between V90 (small) and V2 Max (large), and all lenses are interchangeable.


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by bura

Smith is presenting them on their web site with "The Pivlock V2 will take you from the start line to the podium" .
İf this is not enough reason to buy them, what else? :-)
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by TMI

sanrensho wrote:
Fri Oct 10, 2014 10:49 pm
Does anybody know if the V2 arms and nosepiece fit the older V90 lenses?

Also, does the V2 fit wider than the V90? (hoping not...)

Edited: This article seems to suggest that V2 fits between V90 (small) and V2 Max (large), and all lenses are interchangeable. ... asses.html

I know this is an older post, but I am trying to track down a temple that will fit onto a V2 lens. If anyone has first hand experience as to whether temples from the older V90, the V2 Tactical Elite, or the newer Arena or Asana are compatible with the V2, I'd like to know. Pretty sure the current Attack isn't compatible at all. Thanks.

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by Derril

Smith Elite offers a Pivlock V2 and a Pivlock V2 "Max". What is the difference with the "Max carpet" version? Their website doesn't say a whole lot about it.
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by Miller

Think the Max lenses are bigger, deeper specifically.

I love the Smith Pivlock shades to wear but they have a couple of weaknesses. Changing lenses means moving both arms and the nosepiece. The nosepiece is constructed of a rubber part glued to a plastic part and the glue is not durable; eventually the rubber part will start becoming separate from the plastic which is really annoying. The lenses themselves are not durable at the high use points: where the arms attach and above the nosepiece. They eventually crack at these points.

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by Cleaner

Smith lifetime warranty in the USA.

A few weeks ago I had a lens that developed a crack at the Pivlock mounting hole. I have been using these lenses for a few years and the model was discontinued. I contacted Smith directly via phone and sent them pictures of the lens with the crack, they sent me a new lens as a warranty replacement. They explained to me that if parts are not available they will provide some credit toward a new pair for warranty claims on discontinued models.

It was a surprisingly easy process to get a new lens from them with a phone call and an email.

by Weenie

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