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by Greenduck

I'm going to participate in a 125 km fitness race this Sunday and I'm goind to give chamois cream a go. I usually don't use this stuff as my rides normally are shorter and I don't feel any irritation. But I don't want to take any chances with this longer ride.

I'm using some from Assos and was wondering when it's best to apply it as there are no dressing rooms available at the starting area? So I have to change from home.

I have two choices:

1: Apply it from home and "sit" in it for about a 20 minutes drive (in a car)?

2: Apply at the starting area (without flashing everyone) just before race start?

Are there any issues applying it about an hour before race start?
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by JimmyJames

ha, interesting question... well, if you can't change there then you'll have to wear your cycling shorts during the drive, so why not chamois up before you leave? i don't like assuming peoples speeds, and i don't know you, but i assume that you'll be in the saddle for 4 hours or maybe a little more... i wouldn't dream of going for a ride of half that duration without chamois cream, so 20 mins of feeling weird in the car would be well worth it for the comfort during the cycle.
from personal experience, applying chamois cream while already wearing bib sorts doesn't really work, plus it's good to rub a bit into the chamois as well as just on your skin (which would be difficult if you already had them on), especially if you're doing whatever you consider a long ride.

enjoy the ride!!!

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by btompkins0112

Why do you need a place to change? Just bring a towel and change when you get there.....that way you can properly apply the chammy cream and avoid a mushy ride to the race! Problem = solved

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by beardking

either way works for me.
if you apply it before you leave I find its only uncomfortable for the first few minutes of having your shorts on then it warms up and isn't really that noticeable.
shorts are nice and stretchy so i've not had a problem rubbing some cream on my undercarriage with them on. and as far as i know i haven't flashed anyone yet :oops:

if you get changed in the carpark with a towel just make sure to not get any thing in your shorts of your feet or from inside your car or whatever. a bit of grit in your cream won't be pleasant

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Not to sound preachy, but if you haven't used cream before don't use it on a long ride that is important to you. What happens if you don't agree with it?

DO try it for a few rides (no matter how) long before the big day, to determine whether it works for you.

Just sayin'. :smartass:
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by mrfish

My personal experience has been that Chamois cream was necessary in the days of chamois leather to keep it supple, but is now unnecessary if the shorts fit properly.

If the shorts are uncomfortable I'd fix that as there's a vast difference in fit and comfort levels available out there, both depending on price and depending on whether Brand X or Y fits you best. And the top end v expensive shorts can be no better than the mid range.

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by ultyguy

I put it on early just cause I like to enjoy the feel on the way to the race...but I'm a bit... :twisted:

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by KB

mrfish wrote:My personal experience has been that Chamois cream was necessary in the days of chamois leather to keep it supple, but is now unnecessary if the shorts fit properly.

Tend to agree. When i started in the 60's, most chamois inserts were thinner than what my mother cleaned the windows with. Most of us used Savlon cream to avoid infections and provide a bit of comfort. Nowadays I have the blue insert assos waist shorts and most of the time don't bother with their cream because it never feels any different to me. Shorts technology is another of those things that makes life easier on a bike.

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by mjduct

no need for the creme! go COMMANDO!!!!

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by russianbear

When you do 3 or 4 125km days in a row, maybe then you'll start to need some creme. But best find a chamois that your nethers are really fond of.

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