What is the best way to clean cycling shoes?

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by euan

I wouldn't go as far as using a dishwasher. Those things get hot.
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by joeyruan

really nice, i also want to know the best way to clean cycling shose, thanks :thumbup:

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by stella-azzurra

I would stay away from putting any type of lubricant on the buckle ratchet mechanism. I think it will attract dirt and make things worse right?
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by PharmerBob

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work well on white shoes.

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by record

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by icebreaker

record wrote:Image

Interesting thing about that picture is that he is washing a Sidi shoe. He clearly was not wearing Sidi's this year at the Giro. I am not sure what shoes he was wearing ( would like to know) but they were not Sidi.

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by Rick

Ha Ha ! I just washed my shoes last night. Today, they are so shiny that it is shocking!
I had really let them get a good layer of dust/oil/road tar/gatorade going. Now it is like I have new shoes! :lol:

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by artray

This works on most things , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--dmLwKs ... re=related" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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by Asphalt70

Hi All,
I have several pairs of Sidi's and cleaned the oldest pair yesterday with scrubbing and afterwards shoes and a washing machine tablet in a bucket. They cleaned up really nice. The surface is like dryed out and I'd like to preserve them from catching up dirt to fast, with spray, wax or whatever.
Anyone have a tip?

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by AW84

How clean are you guys with white shoes able to get them using methods other than the washing machine (I'm a little leery of that one)? I mistakenly wore my brand new, pearly white S-Works out in the rain one day and turned the mesh part of the shoe and the white velcro a distinct off-white/dirty white/almost brown and didn't think there was any chance to get them looking new again, but this thread has me thinking otherwise.

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by Nefarious86

Clothes washing liquid and and old toothbrush in the shower after the ride.
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by prendrefeu

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by Liggero

remove the insoles and put them in a short cold wash in the washing machine, put them inside one of those bags for delicate clothes... and put some towels to wash at the same time, or blankets or something like that. Do it once per year. best method for cleaning cycling shoes, PERIOD.
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by davidalone

Mate of mine works for an athletic shoe company. Not Cycling shoes, but running shoes; however he cycles a little too. : his advice for all high performance athletic Shoes to me in layman's terms was:

Athletic shoes are not meant to be washed too often. Once every couple of months is enough. The reason is due to differing absorption rate of water for the materials involved in the shoe- rubber, leather, cotton, fabrics, polyester, carbon- what have you- and the construction methods. shoes are typically glued or stitched together.

stitching: water absorption by stitches is NEVER good. things expand when they absorb water, and as they dry they contract. the constant expansion and contraction of stitches causes them to eventually split, and once stitches split they will lose their strength, thats when your shoe starts to come apart.

glued parts- same again, the parts that are glued together have differing rates of expansion, and constant regular expansion and contraction will cause them to split. using any sort of heat dryer is going to make the problem worse- you're speeding up the differing rates of expansion and contraction.

His advice? NEVER, EVER, soak your shoes in water, if you want them to last awhile. using a dish with soapwater is fine. using a hose or spray is fine. but soaking the shoe in water for extended periods of time, or anything similar ( i.e. washing machine, dishwasher) that is is just going to execerbate the problems mentioned above.

Seems pretty legit to me.

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by GambadiLegno

White shoes: Degreaser with a rag. Completely white after that. I've been doing it with my Ekoi R1 shoes and they're white and alive.

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