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by NYCPrynne

with the craziness of drivers in SoCal, I am interested in riding with an action cam. most seem to have really limited battery life though. anyone know of a lightweight system with good battery life (at least 3-4 hours)? the GoPro Hero Session 5 seems great with regards to size and weight, but i am guessing a really limited battery life.

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by Dez33

Rear facing or front facing? Rear facing I would go with the Cycliq instead.

by Weenie

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by spdntrxi

I would not call cycliq an action cam... but generally from an action cam expect 2hrs.. some may do 3hrs but that is not the norm.

I have a fly12. it's not lightweight though. I also have a Rideye.. another brick but good in the battery dept.

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by Dez33

spdntrxi wrote:I would not call cycliq an action cam...

Neither would I but it because this is the purpose "with the craziness of drivers in SoCal" I thought it would be more relevant. For me if I were only to use one camera I would keep the rear one, and an action cam would be a bit of an overkill.

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by NYCPrynne

i am not action/video cam savvy....don't really know the difference. just want something lighter than the fly 12 but with good battery life. does not seem possible.......

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by ave

Maybe there are really no market for a long life battery action camera... Or the manufacturers are stupid and overlooking a good market?

I wanted a long battery life too! I wanted to film all my gran fondos, and road races too. Now I use a Liquid Image EGO with an external battery pack with a short USB lead. It's 1080p, but not the best quality picture, and every 30 minutes 4 seconds are missing, but still it's the best solution I could find. Very easy to mount and rock steady.
Recorded Marmotte, Maratona in full, with much battery life left, 12+h is possible. (I had to change the SD card) I used a standard power bank, ~4000mAh.

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by Shrike

Drivers crazy on one of the routes I'm doing regularly at the moment. Want to get a camera too before I get clipped. Been some hairy near misses recently. Would love the camera to double as a high quality sports video cam too of course - it's not all doom and gloom. Love to edit some rides when out with the OH.

GoPro Hero 5 has a reduced retail price and looks great. But no mention of battery life, so I'm guessing that means it's rubbish?

Ideally I'd want 4 to 5 hours, but have a feeling that's not on the cards..

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by kode54

saw the Cyclip rear...although i already have a rear light. most accidents happen from rear and that's what i'm usually concerned with myself...getting clipped by the mirror or worse.
i'm still looking myself. something small and stealth, yet can get at least 4-5 hours of battery.
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by NYCPrynne

cycliq fly6 is great for rear, but cyclist are still vulnerable on the front end.....great if you see something happen, but i think it is a good idea to have video evidence since the police, at least in the United States, mostly assume it is the cyclists fault.

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by emorydptt

I second the Cycliq Fly6 rear camera. I have it with me on every ride like a helmet and it provides that extra piece of mind. The quality is surprisingly good for what it is and have used it on cross races which is fun to watch as I'm usually in the front.
4+ hour battery life.
I have considered a GoPro session for a front cam as my rides are usually < 2 hours.
good luck and safe riding.
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by YoungjaeChoi

Fly12 is a good one but its advertised 400 lumen light seemed to be weaker than you might expect.
Shortened battery life with using light is a critical issue too.
Night shot dv seems to be popular with changeable 18650 battery while riding

by Weenie

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