WW led the Giro today in the last km

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by mike

WW Zakeen (adam hansen) tried to pull away today and led in the last kilometer of today's Giro. it was a fabulous effort even though he was eventually taken over by the peloton.

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by btompkins0112

It was a gloriously daring move! Shows a rider with pinache.....unfortunately pinache has been lacking in the pro peloton recently. :thumbup: :beerchug:

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by Frankie - B

I love it when riders with class make bald moves. We should see this more often!
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by prendrefeu

It's too bad there was a weight limit. It would have been great to see Zakeen take off on a sub 10lb. 8)
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by Kasparz

Talking about bold moves. Did anyone remember Rubens Bertogliati? He is still riding tho.

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by konky

Frankie - B wrote:I love it when riders with class make bald moves. We should see this more often!

Pantani was good at those. He had big ears too.

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