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by mdeth1313

mdeth1313 wrote:I recently purchased an item from australia (april 24). Hasn't shown up yet. When I emailed the seller he said he had not used any tracking. It can take awhile though - I'll wait until it goes on 40 day from payment and then file a claim - hopefully it shows up by then. I can't wait to see what the actual postage was for a 25g item when captain d-bag charged me $20 for postage ( figured there'd be some kind of tracking for that price). He better hope they show up.

just an update on mine- after 30 days and another email to the seller asking for even a customs #, he had nothing and I filed a claim. seller refunded my money and then emailed me stating he guessed I wanted my money and the item as well. I already told the guy if it shows up, I'm sending it back, I don't want it anymore. But he kept pushing so I asked why he charged me 20 dollars for shipping and then shipped w/ nothing -

I was going to use registered post but I was told the cost would be $29, then I decided to use normal
post and it went as a letter. You are disputing postage that is why you decided to keep the brake pad holders
and have all the money back.

So, I decided enough was enough and I went on Australia Post's website to look up what it cost to ship a 40g item to the US.

2.35 as a letter. there were other options ranging from 14 to 24 dollars that either had tracking or required a signature. what a douchebag.

I emailed him the link. haven't heard back.

thing is- I once ordered an extralite ultrastar direct from extralite. It took about 6 weeks to arrive, but I was able to check each day and see it was sitting in customs in NY so I just waited. This time I have no idea - if it shows up, I'm shipping them back- the only question is, do I use tracking? :roll:
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fat tire
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by fat tire

Well after 1.5 weeks of not hearing from the seller, I filed a dispute. I then proceeded to send him 2 more messages plus paypals response request. Another week passed and still no response. So last Wednesday, 7 days after dispute initially filed, I upped it to a claim. He has until June 2nd. Then I get my money back. I HOPE!?!

I will be reporting the guy to the moderators on here. It seems like there have been a lot of people getting screwed on here.

Can anyone explain why someone would steal from you using paypal? Do they expect the buyer to wait 45 days? This puts you outside of the dispute/claim time frame. Another thought I had is that they close out their bank account after receiving payment and then leave paypal holding their dong in their hand.

by Weenie

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