UCI no longer allows racing with GPS

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by Guerdi

Everything that makes cycling more appealing seems to be banned sooner or latter by the uci.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

thisisatest wrote:so head units are ok, a team car knowing where everyone is at any time (and when their heart is going to blow up) is not ok?

Yep, from what I understand that is what they are outlawing.

More rules :?

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by Juanmoretime

I understand that next year the UCI is going to ban bikes since it gives the competitors an unfair advantage over people walking. :roll:

Freaking idiots. :beerchug:

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by beardking

Don't all the riders have GPS tracking for the time gaps? I thought thats what the things on the chain stays are?
would they be banned too?

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by Murphs

No, they are generally transponders for timing at finish lines

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by Dov

I've noticed companies using footage from racing in their advertising and marketing campaigns, live data on websites is also a good marketing tool. It looks to me like the UCI is just reigning in the ability of companies to use 'race stuff' for monetary gain without paying the UCI a fee.
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by Jameslee92

hendriksend wrote:The official Dutch Cycling Federation send out a memo with the announcement that is not allowed to race with GPS or video in UCI races. Guess the brother of mister Blatter is working at the UCI.....

Video makes me wonder about the ToC preshow which advertised on-bike video brought to you by GoPro(tm)! and GoPro related adds.

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by kudeta

From what I have heard there is an agreement being worked on as we speak for a combined live telemetry and in some cases on board camera not unlike motorsport in the pipeline for 2013. see link here http://www.matchsports.com/ This could be the UCI's way of getting a secure share of the $$$ The countdown lists the launch date the same day as 2013 Tour Down Under... Coincidence?

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