Bike theft ring bust

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by Tricky1

Read a story today of a high end bike theft ring bust in Southern California. As a victim myself of my 3 week old Cinelli being stolen, I felt compelled to put the word out to others possibly in the same situation.

Briefly, the victims were found from their ads on ebay and Craigslist, and they were stealing bikes from San Diego to Victorville, California. Here's the contact number to inquire, 562 946 7893. I filed a Police report when the theft occurred, if mine isn't recovered, maybe yours will!?...

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by fallen86

I live in orange county and my local bike store owner was telling me about this a week ago. I had no idea what he was talking about but now it seems that I'm out of the loop. do you have a link to this article?

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by lordconqueror

very interesting -i had my scott scale 29 pro stolen a couple weeks ago, and the first thing my friend who is a cop said is "it'll be in CA in 3 days". the biggest theft rings must be impossible to bust, especially if you are able to move frames/parts out of the area.

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