Being rude on a forum 101

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by gumgardner

You can always block people that annoy you as well.

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by horse

109er wrote:Guys and gals, as a reader and member it's getting really hard to read this forum. I love this place and what it was originally and intentionally built for. It however, is becoming a place of bigotry and ignorance. No, not ignorance as in someone posting about something that in which they do not know, but instead the rude comments and snide remarks that follow. If somebody posts something that you don't agree with, simply send them a personal message...calling them out publicly on the board is uncalled for and it just creates pages of unreadable material. I don't go to the PRO cycling discussion to read peoples silly arguments. It's getting really lame pretty much everywhere on this forum and its coming from us, the users. So please, I'm asking, us, the users to make weightweenies a better place.

Rudeness, snide comments. This is a phenomenon of the social interaction on the web. Has been there since the dawn of the web. One Person and People behave in entirely different ways. Suddenly a mob develops from the crowd out of a snowball. But the worst thing is all the chatter you find and the inability to get a decent word on a subject.

Even I got done recently for, would you believe it, allegedly making Insulting posts. The moderators know no better other than to go on hearsay.

Best advice is not to take this seriously. The web is no place for being social.

You can have the forum as a database for worthwhile, technical information. Like Wikipedia. But then you get all the crap posts like advice on choosing the color of my jersey or seatpost and the innuendo that is the Pro Cycling discussion. So there, best to just quit.

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by hasbeen

oh man, I thought this was a "how to" post. :wink:
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btompkins0112 wrote:
It has the H2 step racier than a hybrid bike

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by 109er

I'm just saying it would be nice if everyone used a little discretion. I realize there are goobers out there and they will do as they please, which is....whatever. For all the non-goobers, don't feed the goobers. They thrive on boogers, if you throw them a booger they will want more booger remarks. This is, it is a forum created to discuss lightweight bike stuff and the silly subculture we all take part in 20-100% of our lives. The cycle-chat forum is not for booger remarks. It should be for discussing what taint cream you like and if you've ever gotten embro cream on your curly fry covered sperm bank or what the spandex clad gay parade in Italy is doing. Everything else is there to serve a purpose. How would you feel if you went to some thread searching for the best cheap, light clip on aero bar....and some goober made a snide remark about how they are thing you know every bike snob and booger flinging hipster is commenting on it....just creating pages of booger covered topic. I'd hate it. I would quit riding and start rowing boats. Luckily my fiance likes my mocha/vanilla skin and spandex.

Change has to come from somewhere, this forum is starting to get bad. I'd like to see it turn around somewhat for any new users/cyclists.
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by gumgardner

It's really not bad. :noidea:

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by Gregorio

I have not really thought that it has been that bad either. Maybe I have better filters than some.
I have noticed there does not seem to be the quality of posters and information as there use to be.
Maybe it's cyclical.

Still all in all, If I have a question I can usually count on getting an answer or advice from the forum. :beerchug:

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