Pedal-system Enquiry: Alternative Disengagements?

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by prendrefeu

Hello -

Are there any clipless pedal systems out there that require a particularly unique method of disengagement?
In other words, with most pedal systems & interfaces, to disengage the cleat from the pedal one would rotate their ankle outwards to a certain extent parallel to the pedal's plane and then once past a threshold the pedal releases the cleat. Are there any pedal systems that require something different from that? Any pedal systems that require rotation of the foot in a different direction entirely, or rotation along a different axis?

Which ones? (Link/source if available)

Doing research. :mrgreen:
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by ave

Obviously the Aerolites. Tilt the foot.

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by prendrefeu

Aerolites = tilt/rotate the foot on the x or y axis as opposed to rotation on the z axis where the z axis is parallel with the leg...

Thanks, I didn't know (I don't own aerolites and have never used them).

Any others?
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by Estelja

The early Shimano MTB pedals when using the SH-51 silver spd cleats would intentionally release straight upward when pulled hard enough. We called them the Noobie Cleats in the shop. I don't know if those will still work that way in the newer Shimano pedals.

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by taina

I've released straight up unintentionally from Shimano SPD, Mavic Race, and Speedplay Zero, in each case when coming to a sudden complete stop. No harm done at any time, except to reinforce my klutz self-image.
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by gumgardner

I think it's time for a new pedal system. The M2racer seemed like an ideal pedal...unfortunately it's nearly impossible to find a new set. The aerolite, while nice, has its flaws. We need a new pedal system that can rival the aerolite and M2racer in terms of weight. I'd love to see a parts of passion, mcfk, or even a AX version of a pedal. It's due time. ;)

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by Liggero

VP should license and release again m2racer type pedals, just like they did with the bebop system.
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by mjduct

I think that some research should be done as to peoples natural reaction when freaking out...

whatever motion they do should be the release mechanism of the pedal.

having crashed a few times while clipped into a pedal... I can honestly say I have no freaking clue what was going on around me besides OH!@#$!#@!@

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by thprice

Keywin have been around a while.
They are about to release a lighter carbon/Ti model.
Never tried them.

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