Anyone else been ripped off by a fellow WW?

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by geraintnorman

A couple of weeks go I agreed to buy some wheels from a fellow weightweenie and I paid via paypal (luckily). After a week I heard nothing. I made some enquiries but got either excuses or no response. After nearly two weeks he says the wheels are lost but he is on holiday. I then ring his office and speak to his boss - he has been in work all week. I have put in a paypal claim which will get my money back but that is not the point. I have now had to buy some wheels my lbs for a sportif this weekend. I will be contacting him again in work on monday (and talking to his boss - he talks about posting via his emloyer and has responded to emails in their time) and as this is a case of theft I will take it to the police.

Has anyone else had similar experiences? I find this really disappointing as I thought cyclists have something of a community here.

by Weenie

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by KB

It's not quite the community it was because yours is the second instance in the last couple of weeks. Obviously we can't vouch for everyone on here and it was why the mods introduced the 30 posts rule to try and stop the for sale section as a trading post, but it's obvious that some make multiple posts in a short time to flog things.

I've sold stuff on here and trusted them by sending the goods first and received payment after: a value judgement; but I would only do it for people that have been on here for some time.

It's the way of the world unfortunately. Hopefully naming and shaming may deter some.

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by thewatchtech

I got overcharged for shipping quite a bit on something recently. I will remember his username and won't deal with him again. Otherwise, my "buy" experiences on WW have been positive. I frequent other (non-cycling) forums that have feedback systems for B/S/T transactions. Doesn't keep out all the deadbeats, but it does seem to reduce instances of members screwing eachother over...

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by geraintnorman

Yes the way of the world... I am talking about someone with 80+ posts and looking at his bike he is obviously a keen cyclist.

If it doesn't get resolved asap I will be naming and shaming - I have done an id check through work so have all of his personal details.

It is also another reason not to use bank transfer or paypal gift.
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by CamW

I have only had one experience on here and it was only positive. The fellow jumped through a couple of postage hoops for me and then said I didn't even need to pay until the item turned up. This was when I (obviously) had even less posts than I do now :beerchug:

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by Dalai

Sorry to hear. Always a risk when buying online from a forum...

I have purchased a few times from members here over the years and all purchases have been successful.

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by rustychain

You can get an idea of the person by reading posts. The number of post alone should not override your judgement
I have had nothing but great times when buying or selling to forum members. I have sent stuff off to be paid when they received it, paid by personal check, done overseas transactions all without issue. Met some great folks! That said once and awhile some flags go up and I choose not to make an offer on something. I also understand not to risk amountsI am not willing to take a loss on. I personally don't buy used carbon forks, frames, wheel or handle bars unless I really know the person well as even an honest person may misjudge the integrity of those items after even a minor crash. These transactions IMO have a far greater risk of becoming problematic. I suggest that if possible talk to the other party on the phone to work out the details. Use your judgement. If it's a high dollar transaction you may wish to draw up some brief contract prior that spells out liability for different issues like failure to deliver, damage in shipping, returning it if it's not as advertised, etc. Get contact info and verify prior to sending money. Also note that some folks think that " I will send it right out " may be weeks not hours like you expect so make sure your both clear on that point
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by HammerTime2

geraintnorman wrote:Yes the way of the world... I am talking about someone with 80+ posts and looking at his bike he is obviously a keen cyclist.
Maybe ripping off people is how he raises the funds to afford nice cycling equipment.

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by g_doraz

Name and shame them - it's the only way....
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by KWalker

People dislike a lot of my posts, but I've never had an issue buying or selling anything on here.
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by ak47

The easiest way to solve this is to introduce feedback score. It works on the and the feedback points appear just under your nickname.

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by tonytourist

I've bought and sold a few things without issue. I think either a seller feedback score, or a member evaluation forum to list positive/negative experiences would be worthwhile 8)

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by ph

I bought a few things over the years from fellow WW. Fortunately all were positive experiences but then again my purchases were not high value and like others I perused the sellers' posts before deciding to commit. I believe in all instances, I paid before the items were shipped. I like the suggestion to rate buyer/seller experiences. Its a step in the right direction though no system is going to be perfect.

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by Rick

I then ring his office and speak to his boss - he has been in work all week.

I doubt that a scammer would give you his work telephone. Most likely just a lazy guy who hasn't gotten the shipment out yet, or just poor communication.

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by Roobay

g_doraz wrote:Name and shame them - it's the only way....

I have only dealt with couple of people on here all with no problems at all
But just look at the type of posts the seller has made before buying off forum members
Paypal is your friend in instances like this
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by Weenie

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