Easton EC90 - audible difference in ceramic v steel bearings

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by jlidds

I've just taken delivery of a new set of EC90 SL clinchers.

Can anyone confirm if there's typically an audible difference between the ceramic bearings (R4SL) and the steel bearings (R4)? The ceramic has arrived with the wheels but they sound very different (at least to me) from my friend's identical wheels with steel bearings. Just wasn't sure whether or not this is attributable to something else like general wear.

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by Weenie

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by woz9683

Unless bearings are totally shot you can't hear them at all without some kind of magnification. Are you maybe talking about the ratcheting of the freehub? A difference in lube like oil vs. grease

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by stella-azzurra

That's the freehub doing tick..tick..tick not the bearings.
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by jlidds

OK, thanks for the confirmation.

I suspect Easton has changed the freehub between 2010 and 2012 wheels, noting that they're the same freehub. There's a very noticeable difference in ratcheting sound. The new one is almost silent compared to the 2010, which is the same hub.

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by thisisatest

new one has grease in the freehub mechanism. old one has had most or all of its grease pushed away. it would probably sound similar if your friend would service his freehub body.

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