Geometry question -Langster to System Six - Help!!

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by stella-azzurra

Honestly I would not take measurements using the Zinn method. Does not seem accurate to me.
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by Dammit

I just bought a 58cm Langster as my general around town beater, so it looks like I will be looking at the fit question also.

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by eordman

Don't forget that the reach of the handlebars may be different. Also might be different widths. Perhaps not much but it still has an impact. Could make +/- 10mm difference in seat to hoods reach.

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by JesseD

Contact points will be the same, FSA Wing Pro Compact bars, Fizik Anteres Saddle, Shimano pedals. I am going to build mine up with some second hand Sram parts, prob a mix of Force/Red from eBay, get some handbuilt wheels for training and then try and get some 60/80 mm carbon rims from somewhere with 24/28 spoke holes and build them up on a pair of eastin bubs I already have knocking about froma damaged pair of wheels. The bike will be a crit bike so I want everything to be cheap to replace but also as light as poss, as I want it to be responsive but given the standard of bike handling in some of the races I have taken part in I probably will have an off at some point.

Alos looking to respray it as well as there are small imperfections in the laquer, I was going to go for matt black but its been done to death, so am thinking high gloss red with black decals, inside of forks in black and a black stripe down the top tube, bar tape and saddle will also be black, what do you think?

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by Dammit



Both 58cm, the Langster is 1.6kg heavier.

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