Compression shorts under cycling shorts?

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by superleggera

My Physical Therapist recommended I wear compression shorts under my cycling shorts because of a quad strain. Unfortunately, my team is sponsored by Giordana and they don't have compression in their shorts. Has anyone here worn compression under their cycling shorts? Is it uncomfortable? Does it help? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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by stella-azzurra

They are fine as long as they don't bind in between your legs.
Try them out and report back. Thanks.
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by btompkins0112

I just chaffed reading about cutting the leg off a compression short and just wrapping your quad? Would negate the issue.

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by NS

Why not buy the skins c400 cycling shorts and get the best of both worlds. Super comfortable insert as well

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by diegogarcia

These are your answer -

Available world wide via amazon or wiggle. They are easier to size via Wiggle.

I have some, excellent. They work.

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by Camilo

I'm kind of surprised a PT wasn't familiar with the compression sleeves. I'll bet he/she just spoke in terms of shorts because she/he didn't know that wearing shorts under bicycle shorts would be an issue (probably a lot of non-cyclists or casual cyclists just assume one wears underwear).

Anywy, there's a million compression sleeves out there. Either chose one your self, or ask your PT for a recommendation. Again, I'm assuming the PT recommended shorts without knowing why the sleeve would be the way to go.

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by superleggera

Thanks guys!! I did not know quad compression sleeves existed. I will order the 2xu quad compression sleeves.

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