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by campbellrae


Just to be nosey I was wondering if anybody here uses Strava? Started using it recently and I'm finding it pretty good but I'm finding it hard to just go for a steady group ride now knowing that there is a segment up ahead, may get more and more antisocial :lol:

Was thinking of setting up a Weight Weenies club on it if anybody would be interested? Judging by some of the threads etc there are some pretty speedy people on here!

Edit: I have created a club, search for Weight Weenies based in London, United Kingdom if you want to join in!
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by eordman

Yes! I love strava. I'm not fast...yet...but a WW group would be cool.

I've found myself judging potential colleges by how many strava segments are near them. I think this is a perfectly acceptable way to make a decision.

by Weenie

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by campbellrae

Just created the club, search for Weight Weenies, based in London, United Kingdom. Wonder who will be the fastest weenie 8) I can guarantee it wont be me that's for sure!

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by TerribleCadence

I'm on it, i'll join the club and start posting my rides next week - when I get my garmin 500 :thumbup:
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by Fourthbook

Good idea. I post my favorite routes and am interested to see what/where other WW'ers are riding. I'll join the WW group...
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by jmilliron

I love Strava. It's real popular in my area. Did a group ride last night and it looks like at least 9 other people on the ride were also using it.

edit; 33 others on this ride:
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by slyboots

Count me in. :)

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by mjduct

I have an account but I haven't loaded anything yet, I use it to find new rides.

I wouldn't win anything anyway!

roca rule
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by roca rule

i am on strava eventhough i do not record all my activity there.

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by ianeire

I love strava, pretty popular in Ireland. It's fantastic for adding an edge to solo rides, though also a curse for pushing you along when you were planning an easy day.

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by djm - yes.. but not so much riding this week due to a knee injury after a fall training one week ago... real bummer. Hopefully the knee will be back to its old self after a couple of days completely off the bike.

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by mvogt46

Wow, great thanks for setting this group up! I only signed up recently and actually searched for a weight weenies group about 2 weeks ago but couldn't find one! I'm just using the iPhone app, I know not as accurate as a proper gps bike computer but still good fun!

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by mdcreed81

I like strava. But it's too easy for people to flag your rides. It's a pain, and you feel so guilty for being gutted when someone flags a ride. doesn't kinda dose.

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by prendrefeu

I had to flag someone's ride up a local climb - mostly because it was highly doubtful the person was able to avg 28mph up an 6-7% grade with the final 1/8th mile at 17% (maintaining the 28mph!), all with no HR for verity. Before flagging I also checked up on the person's other rides & achievements, getting a sense of where this person is and what they are most likely capable of overall. Based on that, I concluded the person left their GPS on and drove up the hill with their bike in/on the car, but didn't bother to edit out their auto journey from their ride. So I flagged them.

Yeah, I understand how it sucks for being flagged, and it sucks about how easily someone can just flag a ride - but I would hope that the folks at Strava have at least one person to investigate the flags before acting upon them. It took at least two months for the flag I placed to be reviewed and that person's ride either edited or removed from the climb's results.
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roca rule
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by roca rule

i did not know you could flag someone, well i already have an excuse for being top 30 and not top 10 on my local cat 3 climb. by the way ho hard is it to ride up a 2 mile that averages just under 7% @ over 15mph?

by Weenie

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