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by ms6073

veganeric wrote:Rear mounted racks like the Bones or hitch mounts have the added benefit of using your car as a shield to protect your bike from bugs, high pressure rain, and debris kicked up by other vehicles.
And as a friend found out, bicycles on rear mounted racks also do a good job of protecting the vehicle from impact damage when a distracted driver fails to stop texting on his smart phone and colides with the rear of your vehicle at a signal light.
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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

That thought terrorises me more than garage doors and low overhangs, honestly.
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by goodboyr

Saris Gran Fondo

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by proedgebiker

Powerful Pete wrote:@nickf, thanks for that lead. Had never heard of this...

It sounds like an incredibly interesting product... google helped me find this." onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false; ... creen&NR=1" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

Once you try them, you will be very impressed! this guy was:

Florida MTB Trail & Race videos in HD:
SeaSucker Bike Racks

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by owl

does anyone use a rear carrier with the bike inside a bike bag (with wheels taken out)?

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by nismosr

tried my Seasucker for the first time yesterday .. held up pretty well on a highway 80mph.
and going back home crosswind was about 10-20mph and I could see my rear wheel wobbling around but still held pretty good.



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by RM27

Wow! I looked into that suction rack but couldn't get passed it was only suction holding it on. I watched some of the youtube videos and all claimed it worked very well. I just keep picturing my GPS falling of the windshield and then thought about my bike...

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by savechief

I'll second a hitch-mounted solution and the 1upusa rack. Easier to access than a roof mount, less impact on fuel economy and the rack itself is about 20 pounds or so (in the single bike configuration). Expensive, but well made.
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by bombertodd

I've used Thule and 1up and the Kuat racks are by far the best. I had the Sherpa and it's great, but didn't fit my downhill bike well. I got a Kuat NV and it has been the best rack ever.

I'm interested in those seasuckers though. Pretty neat idea.

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by RM27

I have the 1 Up as well. I think it's the best rack in both quality and ease of use. It's also great for carbon wheels since nothing touches the rim. The Seasucker interested me due to not needing the hitch mount.

Would like to hear more feedback from users.

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by Calnago

I'm with @RM27 on this one. No way would I feel comfortable with the bikes being held on with suction cups only. Even if it worked time and time again, I'd still always be wondering when that condition would be met that the suction gives way, then kaboom!
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by FIJIGabe

I use a Saris Thelma rack. I have no complaints about it, especially since it got me all the way from Florida to Texas with two bikes on the back (1,600 miles).
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by Getter

Roof racks look cool...


but the hitch types are the easiest and most practical.


or just put it inside...


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by stella-azzurra

Nah roof racks are uncool on a cool car.
If it's one bike then no roof rack.
If you have a team then get a van. :lol:
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by dgasmd

One big warning to those that have and love your hitch racks. If you are ever in an accident, your insurance company may refuse to pay anything for your vehicle's repairs as well as any medical bills for you on the argument that the rack prevented the vehicle's design bumper and energy absorbing system from working properly. Therefore, causing the injuries and damage to the vehicle. Not to mention the total loss of your bike. How do I know? I had a lengthy discussion with a insurance claim's adjuster that had already denied claims successfully in the past for such reasons.

Personally, I like the roof rack except for the cost, installation limitations, inconvenience and drag, but it is my 3rd choice. 2nd come those sucker things, which I am yet to get even though I keep saying I will get them soon. You can't go wrong with them as you can use the same with several different vehicles, fit 1-3 bikes depending which model you get, can be removed from the vehicle when not in used and installed easily when needed, and can easily be taken in a suitcase when traveling and renting a car. 1st without a doubt is just putting it inside the car if possible. Most bikes will easily fit with the front wheel removed in front of the back seat.

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