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by lordconqueror

i'm in the "meh" group too, basically because of the geometry - the 69* head angle was a revelation to me compared to 71* I came off of, and i can't imagine that i'd fall in love with a 72* HA liek on this bike.

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by kevinkalis

Bring bring....Hello who's there?

Oh, it's you, ridiculously overpriced frame.

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by Weenie

fat tire
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by fat tire

I know I already dogged on Cervelo earlier on this thread, but the bike does look good. The only problem for Open is that I see nothing separating this bike from the other 29er hts out there. So what is the justification for a $3400 price tag? At least rebadge a fork and sell it with the frame for that price.

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by rasputin

Meh, 72 HTA on a modern 29er, that thing is a candidate for old 38 mm offset forks..
Also, 17.9" seat tube on an XL seems extremely short, personally I'd need a 475 mm post on such a bike, that seems terribly long and anything but light, if supposed to hold up. BBright completely wrecks it.

But it is light and pretty. And it will probably sell good to people with too much money to burn that are not too concerned about the notion of a MTB frame getting less beat down than a PR frame. All that being said and done, it's not bad for a first try and it will be interesting to see what will follow, innovative fellas for sure - just that different isn't always better :-)

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by nspace

Not sure about the geometry with a fork that long but who knows. My non-suspension corrected Ragley TD-1 runs a 72 degree HT with a 26" 440mm axel to crown fork with 41mm offset and it handles amazingly. I'm sure that would feel a lot different though with a modern 29er suspension fork. Definitely a short ST!

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by Vallinotti

Is somebody already bought, rode it,or have an empiric regard? I bought my frameset in M size and i'm very anxious to receive. I'm planning to use with a Rotor/SRM crankset and Ax lightness tubular wheelset.

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by elviento

A window on the seat tube???!!!

I'd mark the seatpost instead. What am I missing?
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by euan

People might prefer to use different seatpost
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by elviento

True, but I'd rather just measure the additional seatposts.

euan wrote:People might prefer to use different seatpost
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by ricerocket

$3400. Yikes. Not for me.

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