Who does not wear a helmet ?

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by djm

artray wrote:Anyone have a problem with texting while riding?. Sometimes I text while bombing along, never had a accident yet .

Texting? I watch soap operas, on a small portable television. No accidents here either! :twisted:

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by RRsport

bones wrote:
hna wrote:I said that I would rather see people using helmets to save medics the work of tending to them after an accident. I never meant to say that people who ride without helmets doesn't deserve medical attention.

Yeah you did. You said that if someone got into an accident and he was riding without a helmet, then the medics would have to do tons of work to help an undeserving human being. On the other hand, you stated that if a rider with a helmet got into an accident, he wouldn't be wasting any of the medics' time since he would just be able to would walk away from the accident, and in the case that he did need medical help he would deserve it since he had had on a helmet. Don't lie.

Take a chill pill bones!
He never said anything like that, by reading your post, I suspect you have had an accident without an helmet once....

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by ave

hna wrote:Each traffic related death here in Norway costs society approximately 4 million dollars. This takes in account for the loss of tax income to society

So if someone dies, nobody will take his job? Maybe someone receiving unemployment support will not cost the society any more money, but will pay the same taxes...

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by veloman

I was out for an easy 1 hour lunchtime recovery ride and didn't think I needed a helmet for that. A driver who wasn't paying attention - I'm sure she was on her cell phone but couldn't prove it - plowed right into me. Broken elbow, separated shoulder, road rash on both shoulders, both knees, both ankles so I was tumbling. But my head wasn't touched. I had no control over the situation whatsoever. I took that as my wakeup call and I don't ride 10 meters without my helmet. Sure, it's not as comfortable as a bear head and doesn't look as good but it's better by far to put up with a bit of irritation than be dead.

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by kgt

I am also fanatic against riding without a helmet for a reason.
19 years ago, when I was 16, and while descending Hymettus mountain in Athens I lost control of my bike. The result was a smashed kneecap, 2 difficult surgeries and a lot of pain in order to recover. I still have a large scar to remind me what happened. I was wearing a helmet which actually saved my life. I know that from the large piece of foam missing from it just after the accident. I would now be dead without a helmet. Simple as that.

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by HammerTime2

veloman wrote:Sure, it's not as comfortable as a bear head and doesn't look as good

Not much is as comfortable and looks as good as a bear head

A bare bear head, that is.

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by Wingnut

artray wrote:Anyone have a problem with texting while riding?. Sometimes I text while bombing along, never had a accident yet .

You are a troll in the true sense...
"It's not the destination...it's the ride!"

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by Tinea Pedis

Thanks guys, I think this one has gone the distance.

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