Embrocation for summer racing, yes or no?

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by TerribleCadence

Just after some advice really guys, a club mate recommended I try some out today whilst I was warming up for my race. I did, but can't say I noticed any difference... until after the race. Legs were toasty when watching the E/1/2's and are now toasty again having just got out of the shower 7 hours after applying it.

Does it actually warm your muscles? Therefore aid in pre-race prep. Would be nice to know the benefits of this stuff for summer racing (I saw a lot of people applying it pre-race) I can understand the use in the winter.
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Rodrego Hernandez
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by Rodrego Hernandez

No use in either hot or cold.

In cold, it brings the blood to the surface and speeds up cooling.

In heat it blocks pores and makes it harder to keep cool.

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by andrewleitch86

If it makes you feel good, use it. If not, don't. The physiology of how it works or doesn't work probably won't affect the race outcome.

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