Chamois and no underwear, how do you ride?

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by WasFab

I am asking if anyone can advice on the riding quality and feeling with chamois and without wearing underwear. I haven't tried it before but saw some discussions of it, where it was recommended! Anyone can advice if he has any experience and if so also what the recommended chamois he uses.

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by bearsdidit

not quite sure if this is a joke...

by Weenie

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by WasFab

ilvwhtgrls wrote:not quite sure if this is a joke...

no joke very serious mate...!

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by wasabi1

ilvwhtgrls wrote:not quite sure if this is a joke...

Just been wondering that myself.....

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by tommasini

Saves weight - that's what members here focus on - so for that reason go for it......might also find other more noticeable advantages once you try it. 8)

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by WasFab

Interesting to know how most people ride. in Cycling + of April 2012 they recommend to use chamois and no underwear. I have never even wonder of it but cycling plus is a prestigious magazine

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by 5 8 5

Fab, you really crack me up :wink:

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by seandonovan

Oh my...

So, assuming it's NOT a joke: extra layers => extra friction => extra chafing => saddle sores => extra pain => dear god how is this not a joke?

Bam! Semi-ligitimate answer, with jaw only *slighty* agape during the typing...

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by Rush

One of my riding mates still wears underwear under his knicks...despite my please (and threats) for him to stop.

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by Bridgeman

Teh panties will certainly bunch.

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by ave

Surprising it might be to seasoned cyclist, but for beginners it's not obvious.

I bump into people wearing underwear from time to time on the road, and on various forums.

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by RussellS

ilvwhtgrls wrote:not quite sure if this is a joke...

Pretty sure its a poor attempt at humor. Notice the name of the person who wrote the question. "fabiancanchelara" Trying to seem important/legitimate by using a parody of Fabian Cancellara?

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by HammerTime2

I'd give him the benefit of the doubt as to this being a serious inquiry. Based on his previous posts, he appears to be a relative newbie to high end cycling, asking many "elementary" questions, unless they're all put ons. As he acknowledged in one of his posts, his choice of username may not have been so wise.

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by goodboyr

While you guys are at it, answering all these tough questions, maybe you can help me. I've managed to find the valves and inflate my tires properly, but where is the valve for the frame? Can't seem to find a way to get the pump hooked up to get air into the frame.
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by stella-azzurra

If you wear the proper size under wear then it will not chafe. By underwear I mean briefs not your boxer shorts. Something that is made of polyester, spandex and not cotton.

Too many people by the wrong size clothing for cycling. The wrong size shorts and by doing this you will get that chafing and rubbing going on.

With the brief your boys will be cradled like sports bra. :smartass: :lol:

The manzier" onclick=";return false;
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by Weenie

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