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by kgt


Bob JUNGELS today. LW Autobahn rear?

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by seaneT1


by Weenie

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by Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez

kgt wrote:Bob JUNGELS today. LW Autobahn rear?

Can't believe the other team riders were on heavy Hed clincher discs just to ride Specialized cotton clinchers

With the amount of rythm changes and climbs in this ITT, the gain with clinchers was very very marginal, moreover in the wet

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by kgt

So, a wheel's weight matters? ;)

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by MRM

Not necessarily. TT bikes tend to be quite a bit over 6.8 kg, so it makes sense to lower the total weight in any way you can. Especially on uphill TT's. :P

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by nathanong87

basically every time using autobahns haha
Anyone living in Russia can help me out source a part? [7/2/19]

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by jooo

Yeah, why wouldn't you? The hub internals are well proven. They don't seem to have any unusual weaknesses and they're quite a bit lighter than most of the other discs on the market.

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by djconnel

Just selected for Rio:

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by lippythelion

^Pro tan lines too :thumbup:
Abby-Mae Parkinson of Servetto-Footon was on LW's front & rear at the British National TT Championships on 23rd June. The turn was about a mile from my crib (do rappers still say crib?)

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by Roel W

Vincenzo Nibali in Rio:
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by bkw


Wish I had the wallet to roll on a set.. too bad they cost 2x more than my entire bike :(

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by micky

Whole italian team for both road and track will be on LW.

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by coppercook62

djconnel wrote:Just selected for Rio:

i like that helmet

by Weenie

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