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Questions about bike hire abroad and everything light bike related. No off-topic chat please

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by micky

Bart Wellens

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by Auk

Good to see Bart back at it.

by Weenie

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by airsoft510

Tom Boonen


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by jipperd

I know Tom always rides a bike that is rather small for his size, but this CX bike, seems redicolous small, but it might be from the camera angle.
Btw Tom on specialized shoes, that's something new, usualy he only uses Northwave, picture only or shoe swap coming up for Tom?

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by pieterp

He is already for quite some time on Specialized shoes.

When I see him at local rides his cross bike does seem to fit him well.

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by majklnajt


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by Timo

majklnajt, please do not ignite the LW/ADA controversy again.
And if I ever meet an aardvark, I'm going to step on its damn protruding nasal implement until it couldn't suck up an insect if its life depended on it.

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by majklnajt

OK, sorry, I wont! This was the last time!

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by Tugboat

Hayden Roulston...

Nice bike... you ever take it off any sweet jumps?
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by Epic-o

Jose Hermida:

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by RTW

What exactly is this thread about now? Back in the day when it started, LWs were the lightest wheels out there. Now, they aren't. So this isn't really a WW thread anymore, is it mods? I have no problem with LW, but we could just as well start a thread about 'Pros on Edge, mavic, Di2.... whatever...'

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by coloclimber

Its still a relevant thread since a lot of pros are using lightweights they paid for in contravaention to the team wheel sponsor.
Plus its fun to see them used for CX!
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by prendrefeu

Hey, RTW, do me a quick favor and take a look at the first page of the "road" section here on WW. Count how many threads are actually about light parts. Now, count how many threads are repetitive, or how many people need to use the search function.

Now that you've got that image, let's get back to this thread: Lightweight wheels.

Years later, they are *STILL* the ultimate in production wheels. Just like THM Carbones... still the bull's balls, still the king of the hill.

Yes, other wheels have been built since then... but those that are lighter are all customs. Lightweights are still available off-the-shelf so to say, and still lighter. If you're in Europe, they're also easily serviceable (North America and other continental issues not withstanding).

Lightweights: still very aero, still incredibly stiff, still incredibly light.

I think this thread is still relevant.

Besides, we're still waiting for the supposed "Lightweight Killer" in the form of Reynold's RZR wheels to see how they last... or even come out of the oven. Other companies have attempted to go as light, as aero, and as stiff in a production wheelset. Lightweights are still the most desired.
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by RTW

Lightweights are still the most desired

Are they? That's very authoritative of you.

@ Coloclimber, how does using them in contravention of team sponsorship make them any more or less relevant?

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by NorthWestDork

Considering pros whom I assume have the option to use a free, high quality wheelset, it is a bit unique that so many would choose to spend a good amount of money for a non-sponsored wheelset.

Though who knows, maybe it is an elaborate sponsor scheme to make it look like these pros are actually spending out of their own pocket. With that said, I'd buy a set of lightweights in a heartbeat if I had the money.

by Weenie

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