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by spdntrxi

mendiz wrote:
Tue Jul 30, 2019 9:27 pm
I do not know, do you know why they chose LW after they won in Zipp and Campagnolo?
they didn't want to win.... :thumbup:

really maybe they thought the choice was correct considering route... just somebody else had better legs that day.

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by Denavelo

Maybe everyone is being super naive and Lightweight paid them?
I mean the pro peloton used to dope and everything, so deceit runs rampant in the sport.
Lightweight wheels are also a good way to get the weight down on your bike, if you need to make the UCI kg requirements, which is what I heard happened...

Lightweight comes out and says Ineos purchased the wheels on their own wishes, and everyone truly believes that? Call me skeptical...

This does not take away from the greatness of their wheels. I just don't buy the Ineos paid for them because they're the best wheels out there.. The entire sport is predicated on marginal gains. Lightweight hasn't been able to beat the best aero wheels in ages.. Hard to fathom a sport based on gains in every form and fashion, down to sock height, would choose a wheel that facts says isn't the best all around option.

You can put lightweight wheels in the hands of any of the top GC riders, and they'll still be at the front. Now when they descend, that's a whole different ball game. Even Hincapie and those guys were saying that Lightweight wheels wouldn't be their first option with carbon braking and stiffness to negotiate technical descents.
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by Weenie

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by mendiz

I recommend to Nefarious86 he opens a thread that says "pros in 32 h alloy wheelsets list", although he uses Dura ace carbon.
To TobinHatesyou: "Pros in Enve wheelsets list".
To Calnago in " Pros in Campagnolo carbon wheelsets list".
It will be much better for this forum.
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by L3X

I don't really care about the lighter/faster/better discussion... to me Lightweights remain the end boss of wheels just for the way they look awesome on nearly every bike :)

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by billendk

L3X wrote:Image
I don't really care about the lighter/faster/better discussion... to me Lightweights remain the end boss of wheels just for the way they look awesome on nearly every bike :)

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by spdntrxi

^ I dont think that was ever argued :)

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by Vagabond

benzebub wrote:
Tue Jul 30, 2019 12:50 pm
mendiz wrote:
Sun Jul 28, 2019 9:16 pm
I am from Spain, I am registered in this forum from 2005. I promise not read and answer the Calnago posts any more. This thread is about pros in LW wheels. Not pro in Enve or Campagnolo wheels because never a cyclist choose Enve or Campagnolo if Enve or Campagnolo do not pay them. Riders in Worlds choose always LW, not another brand of wheels, enough said.
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Yes... I see your point..
Lol. In this ever maddening world where facts and truth are whatever people spew out of their mouths at any given moment, I've become rather fond of actual facts and truth being laid out there. Keep up the good work. :thumbup:

In fairness to Mendiz though, he is claiming that Pros only choose lightweight instead of sponsor's wheels for the World's road race. I'm not sure if that's true or not and suspect not but I don't know and couldn't be bothered to research it. I think what he was trying to say is that if given the choice, some of the riders at the World Championship Road Race choose to ride Lightweight instead of their sponsor's wheel sets.
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by pastronef

Iban Mayo on the left. but the greatest detail is his 2007 Scott frame with old Sram group. Image

ome rodriguez
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by ome rodriguez

Lw wheels are old too, gen 1/2 with kevlar spokes.

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by LionelB

I think Ineos chose LW wheels because I bought some this year :mrgreen: I have actually been quite pleased with my 24mm Meilenstein. Much better than the Gen3 I had.

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