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Bigger Gear
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by Bigger Gear

neeb wrote:
record wrote:It has already been said in the deleted topics. The lenses are different, they go slightly more to the back on their edges and locking system is complitely different.

Ok, thanks.

Why were the previous topics deleted???

Oakley keeping things hush.

by Weenie

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by Richt1978

Being as they are featured in this months Procycling magazine I think they are well and truly out there now !

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ALAN Carbon+
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by ALAN Carbon+

Oakley Australia has posted pictures on their facebook page saying they are coming out in June. Only showing a couple of colours (Black, Red, Orange, Sky Blue) with Pitch and Path lenses.

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by Spinnekop

Seeing a lot of them at the Cape Epic at the moment.


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by hansonator69

Slam your stem.

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by neeb

Saw a pair yesterday at the SFO Oakley store. They seem really nice, with a more "quality" feel than you would think from the pictures. Fit is very similar to the normal radars but just slightly less tight at the temples.

However... unless I was imagining it they are noticeably heavier than the standard Radars.

Incidentally, how does Oakley manage to get the weight weenies forum to delete threads simply because they are discussing a product prior to its official release? Did they actually threaten legal action? On what grounds? Moderators?

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Anyone have a pair of these?

Which do they think look best in the flesh?

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by djm

I think those are the Radarlock XL, maybe?

I have the Radarlock Pitch and they're my favourite so far. Perhaps they sit a bit too low, I wish they would sit slightly higher like my Salice 006s do, but the lens quality can't be beaten it appears. Mine are Fire Iridium, polarized.

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