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Just curious if anyone here works for a parts maker who uses 3d modeling for their parts. i.e. Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor?

I have been a detailer for over 12 years, and would like to move into working with parts manufacturer in my area or across the pond.

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by motorthings

i have used pro/e for many years, and spent a few years trying to get into the industry as a designer. it culminated at interviews at cannondale, and petered out from there...feel free to pm me and we can talk about the details of my experiences.

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by Cleaner

I have been a Design Engineer since the early 90s have always used 3D modeling systems (UG, Pro/E). I have never worked directly for a bike co but have done some consulting work on sporting goods and for Cannondale Motorsports (the beginning of the end for Cannondale). I also have worked with a former Cannondale bicycle R&D engineer. In general the bike companies do not have the resources to pay wages competitive with the likes of Apple, Boeing, Ford, and other Fortune 100 companies.

In general they will not pay to relocate you and the compensation package will be lower than most large corporations but if you love what you are doing and they treat you exceptionally well at work then it may be a good fit. Cannondale and Specialized are still using Pro/E to the best of my knowledge so they obviously would value Pro/E experience.

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by horse

Don't forget the bicycle is a very derivative industry. It's a relatively simple tool so don't have upsprung hopes about the industry despite the shit you read here about how great my bike is on this forum.
You need to be doing much more and greater stuff in order to apply some germ of it to bicycles. The relatively high prices of goods and especially in the sport is nothing more than proliferation of greed comparative to other sports as trends go. At the other end of the scale, as a cyclist, you still have the misery of squalor and poverty to endure. It is little wonder wages aren't competitive. But define competitive.
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Excuse the harsh comments and political incorrectness. But IMV too much BS goes around that one often misses the point entirely.

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