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by cymans

Can anyone recommend a large setback seatpost with 2 bolt micro adjust. dosn't have to be carbon. i'm also running a shim so have size options. running a 27.2 at the moment.
setback between 25-35mm would be good.

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by Rick

Thomson Masterpiece in 27.2 setback is only 158 gms, and they are rock-solid. But they only have 16mm setback.

25mm is about ideal for my bike, but I can make the Thomson work with the saddle slid back on the rails.

by Weenie

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by HillRPete

Ritchey has offerings with 20 and 25mm setback, but I haven't finished my build yet, so I can't weigh in.

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by djm

Canyon's VCLS seatpost in 27.2 is great.. very comfortable, and you have adjustable setback all the way to 30 mm.

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by eric

FSA, Deda, 3t and Zipp make them, among others.

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by mjduct

I have a 3T Dorico LTD that I'd sell you pretty reasonably, It came with my Cervelo R5 frameset, I needed a straight one as the 25mm setback goofed up my position, it might have 200 miles on it before my fitter pulled it off. PM me if you are interested

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by elSid

As mentioned, Ritchey has several posts w/ 25mm setback. I tried the Superlogic, but I couldn't get it to stop ticking when I'd go over a bump. Torqued to spec, used carbon paste, used round railed saddle, but I couldn't lose the sound. ... 1&minor=19

I ended up using a Velo Orange Grand Cru, which has about 33mm setback. I don't have a scale, but it feels about the same in my hand as my Thomson masterpiece from another bike. It is well made and doesn't tick. ... tback.html

I've not tried it, but FSA makes a long setback post in 27.2. ... 1&minor=19

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by cymans

thanks for all the replys.
Any idea where i can get the Canyon's VCLS seatpost and how much.

ok, just found it on there wesite.

by Weenie

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