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by Mattias Hellöre

Hi everyone, if I haven´t presented meself yet, I´m Mattias who own and run a CAD/CAM/CAE consulting company and a Machine Shop.

And many of you know I´m a bike nut, both road and MTB and have been that from early 90´s.

Why the topic Boone?

Until now I´ve got a lot of requests to make exact or near exact copies of Boone chainrings and cogs, I said I don´t want to make exact copy of anyones work, so I contacted Bruce Boone himself by a customer, so he and I made a deal, a royalty based deal to offer you all Boone chainrings and cogs, the real deal, but designed and made by me.

The problem is, the design is not easy to replicate and a different size of chainring or a different bolt circle require some serious time on the computer.

If I want to offer this service to you I need to know if there´s any certain boltcircle and size of ring so I can hire a machine shop with more capacity than my own to make them.

I need at least 5-10 of each size and boltcircle, preferrably preorders before I pressing the green button.

There will be no waterjet cutting at all due to the design and various thickness of the Boone design.

The prices will be told later and I HOPE the mods thinking this post is OK, as it´s almost free advertisment..
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