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by rustychain

http://www.humansinvent.com/#!/6131/ret ... eme-obree/

This guy is awesome. A longtime thorn in UCI's side and pro cycling's too for that matter. He is at it again with the world speed record on a human powered vehicle of his own design and manufacture. UCI will not be able to rob him this time. :thumbup:
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by Rumsas

Great :thumbup: what a cool guy

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by NS

I remember last time he was back for the national 10 on some heap of crap bike he had knocked together that as usual looked potentially lethal. He hurtled into a roundabout lost control due to his impossibly narrow bars made out of alloy plate and iirc picked up a rather nasty gash on his leg from said bars.
Incredible athlete but for once the UCI were right about his bike designs, they had no place on the roads

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by lone wheeler

Hi Nick, It's been a long time since i picked up some nasty gash from some bars..... :shock: :wink:

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by Tapeworm

This man is everything which is right in cycling - in all its aspects.

And makes me loathe the UCI just a little bit more.
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by stella-azzurra

Obree said of his short professional career: "I still feel I was robbed of part of my career. I was signed up to ride in the prologue of the Tour back in 1995, but it was made very obvious to me I would have to take drugs. I said no, no way, and I was sacked by my team. So there I was, 11 years later, sitting there waiting for the Tour cyclists to come by, and something welled up in me. I feel I was robbed by a lot of these bastards taking drugs. I also hate the way that people think anyone who has ever achieved anything on a bike must have been taking drugs. I was surprised how resentful I felt when I was in Paris. It had obviously been simmering away in there for years. That's something new I'll have to talk to my therapist about."
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