Can't stand this 29er revolution

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by LouisN

Just a question (OK, a few...): Is there a place where 29ers have an advantage performance wise ? In the MTB World Cup circuit, are riders allowed to run whatever sizes they want ? Or the same UCI dinosaurs run the "show", and have mandatory equipment ? Are there any "use whatever bike you prefer" type of races that are more the 29er type, compared to a 26er, or even a cyclocross ?

Next year I'll be loking for a "november to april in Canada" bike for my area...

Louis :)

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by phourgenres

My mountain bike progression:


I didn't like the control, weight, or accelaration of my 29er. I went back to 26 and haven't looked back.

by Weenie

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by Montana

Agreed... I just don't get this 29nr deal... :noidea:

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by rustychain

I got a cross bike and never looked back :lol:
WW Velocipedist Gargantuan

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by Liggero

we all know 29 is kinda wrong idea. it may work for some, not for all. they feel better downhill, but they are worse overall. They are great for 2meter tall guys, for the rest of us is crap...

now, the real problem we are facing is 650b, those really make sense. still not better than 26", but way better than 29" with some of it's improvement...
Happy Trails !!!

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by Chiva

29er= no more OTB (well almost never) in my world

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by Bhowe

5'8'' riding a flo. yellow full suspension sub 22lb. 29er! and love it.

This bike will do anything a 26" wheel'ed bike will and likes to stay rolling. Makes big rocks seem small and just generally floats along.

650b might be cool, but I couldn't see going back to a little wheel bike.

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by lordconqueror

Bhowe wrote:flo. yellow full suspension sub 22lb. 29er

who makes it?

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by legsrburnin

I resisted the 29er thing for a couple of years. One day I swapped bikes with my buddy for a decent ride. He had a Cannondale F29 and I had a Cannondale F1. Pretty much the same bike except wheel size. After the ride I took my bike home, ordered my 29er the next day. It just worked for me.

I think a big trap many fall in when they try a 29er and they try to duplicate the riding position of their 26er.. saddle to bar drop etc. It doesnt work.

Ride it and make small adjustments until it's right. It'll never feel the same as the 26er because it's not a 26" bike!

Mine feels just as nimble as my 26er, that said it's lighter, it weighs under 18lb, it climbs better as it climbs over rough terrain and obstacles easier, accelerates as quickly as any bike I've ridden, has more traction and feels more stable at speed.

Loving my Flash 29er!
Lefty heaven

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by eurperg

I hate 26" bikes. They feel so flimsy and just don't roll at all over roots and rocks. And riding a 26" bike in snow feels so stupid after trying a 29er.

I went from 26" FS to 29" HT and couldn't be happier.

26" bikes still have future in AM and DH but not in XC...

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by mrfish

Does it really make much difference? When the top riders have to do back to back comparison circuits with a stopwatch to measure the benefits in terms of seconds it's a marginal gain. Marketing seems to have inflated this into 'must have' status. For most people a bit more training has a much bigger impact, so I will be sticking with my old Klein until I can put out 350W for a couple of hours.

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by kgt


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by TheRookie

29ers have their place I'm sure, certainly for bigger riders they make more sense, of course this is WW and a 29er will always be heavier like for like than a 26er......

I'm budget conscious (OK I can't afford, or more correctly justify the cost, of a really good bike) so to be any sort of WW I need to ride 26 as lighter wheels and tyres, frames and forks are a lot more affordable in 26" trim, besides I'm sub 5'10" (1.8m) with (even for that height) short arms and legs, so although I've not tried a 29er, getting one to fit would be harder (clearly not impossible).

I will confess that were I to go rigid a 69er (to take some sting out the front) seems a good idea and I ride with a guy who rides a rigid SS using an old Zaskar frame that is built as a 69er.

A number of people I ride with ride 29ers, benefits I percieve over our typical lumpy trails are
1/ A little more comfort
2/ A bit more traction, they typically can get away with running tyres one less aggresive
3/ Soft surfaces (like very wet grass) are less draggy for them
1/ Less manouverable
2/ Slower accelerating

Impoverished weight weenie wanna-be!
Budget 26" HT build viewtopic.php?f=10&t=110956

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by Bhowe

lordconqueror wrote:
Bhowe wrote:flo. yellow full suspension sub 22lb. 29er

who makes it?


by Weenie

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by tonytourist

I haven't been on my FS 26er since I purchased my HT 29er a few weeks back 8)
I am definitely faster on the new bike, and for the trails around here it is definitely the better bike.
Different strokes, different folks :beerchug:

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