Can't stand this 29er revolution

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by kgt

Nino Schurter wins World Cup #1 on 650b wheels ... els-33467/

by Weenie

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by ww4

kgt wrote:Nino Schurter wins World Cup #1 on 650b wheels ... els-33467/" onclick=";return false;

shhhh..... otherwise someone will say "can't stand this 650b revolution" :mrgreen:

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by nrsnow

I cant stand the look of them
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by TTP

The right tool for the right job. It is nice to have choices. Don't hate so much and just have fun.

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by timbat

limba wrote:You can probably get a 650B Cannondale Flash in lime green next year.

Has Cannondale discontinued the 26" Flash now ?

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by nspace

Wow @ all the hating. There is so much drivel in this thread. Ride what works for you and enjoy it.

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by limba

timbat wrote:
limba wrote:You can probably get a 650B Cannondale Flash in lime green next year.

Has Cannondale discontinued the 26" Flash now ?

No, some countries can still get it. It's not available in Canada though.

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by jacobHansen

I have riden 24" 26" 27.5" and the 29er.

I do xc Racing and personally I need a Racing position that i get from a 27.5" and 26"

Abselutely loved my 29er but i sold it to try out the new wheel sice.

Im 177cm tall and a leg length of 84, fit my bike perfection, i Think wheel sice comes Down to what kind of rider you are, and what position you would Like.

29er imo. Is for medium and up if you want comfort and a bike for marathon races.

27.5 is for thise of us that want a Racing position and want to keep the stability from a 29er but the acceleration of a 26".

If you are too cool for School, or simply are starting to ride MTB. 26" might be the right choise, beacause of great control, acceleration and the fact that the small wheels are good for learning.

But most likely we wont see 26" on main stream High end bikes.

I support 27.5" wave cause I see the potentual in my case.

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by NealH

29'er all the way. 650 makes no sense and, 26" is yesterday. 29 will rule.

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by tymon_tm

"We tested them in a group of three pretty intensely over 14 days and we came to the conclusion that the 27.5 feels like 26 in tight, technical and slower stuff but rides more like a 29er on faster singletrail and gives you almost the same safe feel. Our conclusion after those tests was that it's not a compromise – it combines the best of both worlds and we're totally convinced this is the way to go."

let me translate it for you: We tested all three types of wheels, but had absolutely no freaking idea which size to go with, so we picked the middle one, because, as common sense dictates, 650b's are proabably a compromise of whatever qualities 26ers and 29ers possess
kkibbler wrote: WW remembers.

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by G60

nrsnow wrote:Call me old school, mtn. bikews supposed to be on 26in wheels.

And Jeeps shouldn't have square headlights, And Volkswagens shouldn't have radiators...If steel didn't rhyme with "real," what would it be?

To each his own.

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by jmilliron

After four 29er HTs, I was happy to go back to a 140/125mm FS 26" bike. What a f uckin blast.
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by Frankie - B

I'm over 1 meter 90 tall and i like the way the 29er rides over a 26er.
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by Getter

I had a 26in HT...there is no way I'd ever go back to it after getting my 29er HT (Spesh Carve Pro).

I also have a Pivot Mach 5 (140mm FS)...and my 29er HT does most things better. I pretty much use the Pivot as a shuttle/resort bike. Everything else...I use my Carve.

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by trychle

Pick 'n' mix!


by Weenie

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