Rider 142 Tour De Langkawi

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by fletch62

Good luck to weight weenies own, Tinea Pedis (aka Nick), who is racing at the Tour De Langkawi.
Hope it all goes well mate, and enjoy the experience. :thumbup:

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by aerozy

Holly cow! Nick against the likes of Vinokourov, Zabriskie, Robert Förster!? Im in shock! Has he become pro on us? If so his rise was meteoric! Good for him! :)

Best of luck to our WW racer!
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by Tapeworm

Luck is for the undertrained and under-prepared.

Our boy doesn't need luck as he is lacking in neither.

So it's not "good luck" it's "ride hard". :thumbup:
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by aerozy

Agreed! Let me rephrase then:

Nick ride hard and do Geelong proud! (I was born in Geelong too!)

PS: How did Nick get involved with this Singapore team?
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by Illuminate

Go hard mate!

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by me

Good Luck! :up:

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Best of luck!
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by Willier

Just stay up there with DZ and Vino :thumbup: :mrgreen:
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by micky

We're expecting a detailed special diary for WW! :smartass:
Buona fortuna!

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by prendrefeu


and since you'll be racing against two Persian teams: Movafagh bashid !!
(actually it's probably easier to pronounce this instead: pirooz basid which is basically the same thing, meaning good luck)
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by Tomstr

Massive jealousy here. :-)

Good luck and have fun! :
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giro di lento
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by giro di lento

This is very cool - good luck Nick. I'll be cheering for you and the UHC team! :D

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by djm

Wishing the best for TP/Nick!

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by hansonator69

Allez, Nick!
Slam your stem.

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by Dalai

Have a great race TP! :thumbup:

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