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by la85

What's everyone's pick for a jacket for winter riding in sub zero degree Celsius riding?

Castelli Alpha ROS 2 Jacket rate well.

Will need for early morning riding in sub zero to 5 degrees Celsius. Both endurance and intervals do don't want to cook either.


by Weenie

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by JMeinholdt

I have a Castelli Alpha ROS (original) that I use for the coldest of days. Anything be 32F (0C) I wear a thermal baselayer as well. I typically like to be warmer than most people though so I can wear the jacket with only a light base layer clear up to ~50-55F (10-12C).

I've had warmer jackets, but none that have the form fitting cut I like.
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by UpFromOne

Castelli Espresso Duo.

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by PeytonM

I have the castelli alpha ros v1 and it's an amazing piece of kit. A little to warm for me so I only use on the coldest days here. I only use below 5c. I have found if I undo the inner thermal then zip the shell back up I can extend the range a bit higher (maybe 8-10c) compared with just opening the shell.

Personally get way more use out of my gabba ros. But if your climate is cold go for it. Especially if you can find 40% off.

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by sychen

I run cold... Our winter is 0 to 5deg celsius at its coldest mornings. I'm not sold on the castelli alpha ros.. I use a q36.5 long sleeve (layer 3) and I'm still getting cold chills and can alpha ros can get quite damp and heavy.

I actually like the castelli perfectto ros long sleeve paired with the same inner and add a Rapha insulated vest.

Both setup has the polartec alpha vest layer but the perfectto + vest combo tend to gives me less chills (due to a better windproof material on the arms and double up on the chest) and more flexibility. If it's a really a windy day I can always ditch the vest and go the full insulated rapha brevet jacket.

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