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by basilic

In Aragon
Serra Ferrara, near Ainsa

near Laspuna, Ainsa

Anisclo canyon. The road was closed, so I thought "who will ever know", but a park ranger did nab me and sent me back... Beautiful place.

Pyrenean weather. Bring equipment.

Cotefablo tunnel

Old church in Olivan

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by jdecraene85

basilic wrote:
Sat Jun 01, 2024 5:35 pm
I agree there's no particular difficulty beyond finding the time. I'm posting in this thread because I usually like to have a vague idea of the roads, scenery, etc. In this case one finds lots of info about French pyrenees and the area of Girona, much less about the Spanish side of the range. Others might find the visuals helpful.

I wash the bibs every day after riding and they're dry next morning, so 1 set is enough for me. Other clothes get washed less often.
Thanks for the pointer to the Spesh shoes. How wide is the toe box? I'm unfortunate in having a wide foot.
I would describe my feet as average. Not particularly wide, but too wide for pointy shoes like Fizik. S-Works 7 fit great for me and so do the S-Works Recon Lace. They're perfect for these multi day trips. Easy for walks, good looking, comfortable and still good performance on the bike.

Funny, while looking at your pictures I realized a was in the canyon with the blocked road without knowing the name - Anisclo canyon. Had to check my maps to make sure :-) I was luckier, didn't get stopped.
This was me in 2018: ... in-24-days
First picture is Anisclo Canyon :D

by Weenie

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