Air Travel with Tubeless Tire Setup

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by BenCousins

Nickldn wrote:
Sun Dec 31, 2023 7:27 pm
^ The 23kg limit is the baggage weight limit I also recognise. Anything heavier means paying hefty overweight baggage fees on many airlines. No thanks to that.

I got a LifeLine EVA Bike Travel Pod, 8kg weight and fairly good protection. ... hot567794/

I guess it's not quite as sturdy as a Bike Box Allen, or others like it, but it lets me pack the bike as well as tools, shoes and spares without troubling the 23kg weight limit. I have done a few trips with it and no problems at all.
Definitely recommend the standard option for pros which is the Scicon aerocomfort. Light because the upper is soft but the key parts of the bike are protected with a frame. Also you just need to take wheels and pedals off. I am constantly travelling with this case.

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