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by JOwenSmith

I agree on the bottle front. Not just throwaway, but I also have smaller volume bottles for crits vs the everyday long ride.

On a more intense front, I have a dedicated crit bike.

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by timmerrr

Crit bike and 2 dedicated wheel sets. One for training/racing and one for big races only. (on top of a climbing/training bike with its own wheels)
Chrono suits for races only. no pockets. Not a road suit(jersey sewn into bibs).
Aero socks or over shoes
For TTs: long sleve chrono suit 1 size too small. Literally need to be helped into and out of the suit.
Stage races/long omniums: PR lotion for recovery and pre race. I don't feel this helps me perform better on a one off basis but with 3+ days of racing in a row, I feel it takes the edge off of fatigue.
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by Weenie

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by rowdyyy

For me it's:

- Aero socks
- Skinsuit
- Gels/caffeine

Other than that I pay more attention to a freshly waxed chain, correct tire pressure and a very clean bike.

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by andrewbn42

I’ve moved away from race only gear, because familiarity and comfort can add speed. I will replace tires sooner for a big race, and always get a fresh layer of wax for a race, but tires should be ridden regularly so the handling is familiar. Particularly in cross. How can you push the limits of your grip without going too far if you don’t practice on that gear?

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