Aero Carbon Ring(s).

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by avispa

Does anyone know who makes these chainrings on the CN picture? And are they really running a 1X on SHimano?
I am aware that Allugear makes the Aero cover, but not sure who makes the cahinring. ... chainring/

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by MichaelK

No hills at P-R, so yeah they ran 1x.

Maybe it's an unbranded Digirit?

by Weenie

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by mrlobber

Aerocoach makes full carbon big rings.

However, in my personal experience, I'd advise against them because I've had 3 of them, and all developed teeth split after around 1000km, which manifested as dropped chains in random circumstances (of course, with the bad luck, all these happened in different races and cost me at least one TT podium).
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by Tifosiphil

Looks like Digrit to me.

I've found the Rotor Aero rings reliable but obviously not quite as aero as these options

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by eins4eins

Isn't Digrit full carbon? this looks like aluminium teeth and a carbon cover.

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