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by wheelbuilder

Lol. As I wrote earlier, I concede. I will keep building when asked or given the opportunity, and will take everything said into consideration. My gut says I will keep doing what I have always done.
My only continuing request would be the pedigree of anyone in this thread who wishes to share.
Thanks for the valuable, modern data!
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by Nereth

Having done no modelling and no testing, I feel aptly qualified* to say: Yes, the general engineering principle in the perfect world (model spokes as pure tension members) would be that tension changes make no difference to stiffness unless the load conditions would cause the tension in the spoke to go through zero.

However, there is a second order effect on some (most?) hubs/rims, because the spokes don't always travel in a dead straight line between the hub and rim:

1) some spokes will leave the hub radially, but actually need to bend inwards slightly ASAP to move towards the centreline of the rim where they meet the nipples (or vice versa from the wheel to the hub).
2) J bend spokes will suffer bending loads, not pure tension, about their J bend.

As tension goes up on such setups, the line of spoke at the entry points to the hub/rim will straighten out, which will actually serve to increase stiffness marginally for small tension changes about the new higher tension set-point. I.e. it's no longer a linear system.

Whether that's measurable in the real world... no idea.

*I.e., not at all.

by Weenie

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