Anyone still have a steel bike?

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by ajcav86

Did someone say steel?.. Columbus XCR and Enve composites :shock: :shock:
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by Weenie

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by thedanplasse

Pratt is a local steel frame builder in PVD RI, Maybe one day I'll order a frame from him. There's something about the aesthetics of a steel bike I really enjoy.
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by Robt57

Rather than doing the General Motors method as I call it. Getting the newest cause your 3 year old is not visually in vogue with current astectics, tossing coin galore out. A custom frame amortizes out IMO to be cheaper in the long run.

Now nothing wrong with the above mentioned buying mode/method, don't misunderstand.

But my 2000 Carl Strong Road frame was 1000.00 and still used and in VG condition. It was a 9 speed, then 10 speed Dura ace for 13+ years as my every day bike. Then when I go into plastic bikes it got ENO hubbed and was a SS for next year. it is currently in limbo as a triple and not used much I confess 19 years later. Thrill is gone perhaps, but more likely I have so much other nice inventory [sickness] it just gets little love anymore. It is 19 years old and still going Strong. ;) Steel Powder coated Columbus, 588mm Top tube and it was and still is 3.75 lb.

Just wanted to make the point about amortizing the cost on a custom. You are not likey to sell it off once you know your size requirements intimately, resale on customs a no go! In fact I suggest not spending on custom until you have evolved and KNOW what constitutes a permanent fit/position for ones self. IMO that take 10k of staying on a bike....

Only issue in this case is what Stack was for me 20 years ago, 4-1/2" saddle to bar drop over and gone @ 62 now. So a HT spacer that lifts the top HS 2CM and a positive rise stem for the SS mode the old Strong for city mode. Deep drops for any hammering.

I have taken it out on 30 mile club rides as shown, lived in the drops and pushed my FTP to stay on the front with a few geared faster guys.

Then I slept for 2 days from the exhaustion. :beerchug:


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by Wingnut

Now this is a nice lightweight steel road bike! ... road-bike/
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by flying

Wingnut wrote:
Mon Mar 09, 2020 7:29 am
Now this is a nice lightweight steel road bike! ... road-bike/


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