Lets see some Bianchis

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by Kam0916

rare mapei computer you have

tids0009 wrote:My Bianchi updated

by Weenie

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by tids0009

Thanks Kam0916, I know, I've never seen another one on another bike. I bought it brand new in 2001, it was the only one in the shop at the time and still have the original packaging, box, instructions and collectors card (I was lucky enough to get the Johan Museeuw card in mine!). At the time I couldn't afford a Colnago Mapei C40 that I really wanted and settled for the Bianchi but got the Mapei Cateye mity 3 anyway. Love it.

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

My Oltre XR2

ImageUntitled by jekyll man, on Flickr

Not got around to giving it its' own thread yet; still a few more things to do.
(Quick piccy when it was on its jollies :D )
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by mrgray

@jekyll man
wow - doppleganger

Bobo S&S Steel Bike - 7.5 kg
Oltre XR2- 6.6 kg
Look 585 - 6.8 kg
Look 695 SR :D

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

mrgray wrote:@jekyll man
wow - doppleganger

Lol :lol:

I'd seen yours while I was waiting for my frame to turn up, thinking its gonna be the same (except for the chainset)..
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by Madone69

I hope the earthquake in Italy is not going to delay my 53 XR4 in 1D colour spec.
eta at Bianchi is mid Nov only. :noidea:
replacement for my XR :thumbup:

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by E777L

Check your geography... completely different area affected. However, you are playing dangerously close with the Christmas break. Nov/Dec to Jan (heck even Feb is a risk with carnevale) they are on holidays. Mar/Apr they are on holidays (Easter). June/Aug they are on holidays (summer). Good luck and congrats!

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by Kjetil

Image Waiting on a train to take us far far away.
Sempre Pro 2013, with mostly SR 2009-14, and Shamal Ultra 2wf 15c.
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by JDEves

Recent pic from Mallorca trip.
2015 sempre
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by 9734344

I thought these type of threads had been locked?

To stop everyone moaning, just buy a ****ing Bianchi as the thread is still working.
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by Frankie - B

They now have their own place on the forum.
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by Delorre

Real good one :thumbup:

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by burglarboycie

That is beautiful!! The cost is no doubt eye watering though.

by Weenie

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by shamrock134

Why does this and the XR4 get a proper head tube badge but the normal Specialissima gets a painted one?

I suppose it saves a couple of grams. :|

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