Lets see some Bianchis

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by E777L

Kjetil - MS Paint to the rescue :lol:

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by Nefarious86

Using Tapatalk

by Weenie

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by PSM


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by Kjetil

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :up:
Went ballistic. Forgot shoes.

Very well I didn't have a cup of coffee at hand now. :thumbup:

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by tids0009

Calnago wrote:@tids0009: So nice. What was updated?... Classic bars, spacer removed, pedals?
I'm going to have to spend some time in this thread. Soft spot for Bianchis.

Updated the bars to extremely rare and hard to find ITM Millenium Strada bars (traditional bend) which were the exact bars that Pantani used in 2001. Took me 9 years to find these bars!
Cut the steerer tube 1cm lower and removed spacers as it was too high (still might go a bit lower), changed the boat anchor Bianchi Celest Look pedals for Camapgnolo Record Titanium Pro Fit plus, removed the gold chain stay protector and put some 'Colombus Servizio Corsa' stickers on the seat stays.

Future mods are some white Time pedals like Pantani used and some Ambrosio Crono F20 tubulars with Record 10 speed 32h hubs front and rear which Vittoria Corsa SC tubs which should save a bit of weight too hopefully.

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by Rondje

Been on this forum for a bit now, but never bothered to post my bike as it's no real weightweenie.

It's a Infinito CV size 53, Shimano Ultegra Di2 with Rotor crank with hand built Ryde Pulse Comp wheels.
Bought it after my previous bike (Focus cayo) broke at the seat stays after a second car hit. Got it almost a year now, pretty happy with it except some noise in the downtube when riding on rougher roads (presumably the di2 cable).
Probably should switch the seatpost for one with zero setback but haven't been bothered yet. Next upgrade is most likely going to be hand build reynolds assault wheels.

At Lagos de Covadogna

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by tids0009

That looks great Rondje, I really like that color scheme and how you have black wheels, bar tape and saddle. Lets the frame do the talking. Would have been great fun riding up the Mortirolo too. I only had a chance to drive up there in a Fiat 500 as it was winter time and some corners the road was covered in shiny smooth ice. It's pretty steep in some sections. Well done.

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by E777L

So, let me explain... I do have Bianchis, and the latest is a 2012 Oltre Vacansoleil-DCM team replica (full specs here http://weightweenies.starbike.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=83772&p=933057#p933057).

It's been customized for the very first time by having a matching Garmin Edge! Possible, as picture below, thanks to adhesive border skins from Pankcake Designs on eBay UK. You get 4 per pack and you can also choose other designs. They're available for all Garmin Edge models (500, 510, 520, 800, 810 and 1000) but may be sold out on eBay. If so, just contact this seller directly and they will make them available again or make sure you always specify which model & design you want.

Small mod but with big visual impact!

eBay store: http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/pancakedesigns
Website: http://www.pancakedesigns.com/



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by BlueberryCake

Here's my Oltre XR2..
Built up with Ultegra and Campy Zondas.

[imgImage [/img]

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by E777L

[error sorry]

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by mrgray

snap! my oltre Xr2 too!

SR, SRM, Enve SES bars and 80 mm Bora's. This is my race bike (crits).

7.07 kg with mount and PC7. going to lose some weight via Extralite Streeter skewers. Could also replace Campag brakes with EE but even then with the 80 mm wheels and 25 mm rubber i'm not hitting 6.8 kg.

Bobo S&S Steel Bike - 7.5 kg
Oltre XR2- 6.6 kg
Look 585 - 6.8 kg
Look 695 SR :D

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by zirxo

Here's my new Sempre Pro.
Got the frame at 50 % off since it's an 2013 model.

At first I thought about getting an Oltre or Specialissima but I decided not to since I don't want to crash such an expensive frame. Race what you can replace, huh?


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by Shrike


There's an Oltre XR4 CV in the works so it seems. Dream machine if true! Nice Bianchi's in this thread, keep 'em coming.

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by lperdido

This is a 98 Campione that was been through a lot of different phases. It is a weekend warrior. Easton EC90 1 inch fork with Chris King headset. Campy record 10 and Zipp wheels.

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by fa63

Got my hands on a 2015 Intenso frameset then I built it up with some spare parts I had lying around:


by Weenie

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