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by AZR3

m4k1 wrote:cable routing looks hella messy though...

It looks better (to me at least) with the cables flipped back to normal routing but I’ll make it prettier when I get my new bars.


by Weenie

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by mcflurry

No ww going on here, caad10, 6800, metron40


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by oldturd

Tom06 wrote:Whoww great!
whats the bartape ref?

Mash SF bar tape: ... gray-white

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by JoeFlan

Picked up some new wheels for this my Supersix Evo
Enve 6.7 laced to Tune MIG 45 + MAG 170
Final Weight with pedals and Garmin mount: 6.825kg
Full parts list on its original thread
Current Steed
Supersix Evo 6.25kg
CAAD10 6.8kg
Giant TCR SLR 6.8kg
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by oldturd

^ wow that looks fantastic!

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by stuh

My BBQ CAAD9 with 5800 - put together very cheaply =]

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Finally borrowed a decent camera and took a few pics


Still a work in progress, hoping to sneak it in under 6.5kg with a new wheelset and stem.


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by oldturd

small update..

woodman carbo DX seatpost
kalloy uno stealth -17 120mm
selle italia carbonio slr
half removed decals because i gave up and got lazy (winter wheels. heh)

also trying to play with the SKS race blade tabs to go over top the rear brakes at the moment..


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by hbungert3004

Supersix Evo Ultegra 2017

still pretty original Image

Gesendet von meinem SM-G930F mit Tapatalk

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by riggsy

Milese wrote:
riggsy wrote:heres my CAAD12 Disc just got it over the weekend
swapped tyres to Clement Stradas, swapped over saddle

plans are:
- fit spidering or replacement chainrings
- get some lightweight wheels as the Maddux on are very very heavy
- sort out annoyingly rattly rear brake hose
- titanium bottle cages
- lower stem etc

Isn't ever going to be a weight weenie but any weight I can shift on it will be a bonus

Hi, I've just got a CAAD12 disc too.

Which wheels did you go for and how did you get on with that rattly hose?

I cant believe the length of the original hoses / gear cables - they must be expecting everyone to fit 200mm stems.

Sorry forgot to reply agers ago :noidea:

Wheel wise I am about to purshase some Prime Carbon ones from CRC just can't decide on 38mm or 50mm ones

Hose wise I tried some surgu putty stuff to pack out the hole where the hose goes this worked until the surgu fell out so I plan to wrap the rear brake hose in some foam or rubber sleeving and refit it and hopefully this will sort it ( I hope )

currently sat like this

Cannondale CAAD12 Disc
Cinelli Experience
Specialized Langster s/s hack


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by elitetiger

My Dales~~ :lol:

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by TonyM

Which size is it?
Which wheels are these?

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by Zitter

glam2deaf wrote:
Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:46 am
Really like this one

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by NiFTY

Evo 5.02kg SL3 6.77 Slice RS 8.89 viewtopic.php?f=10&t=110579" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

by Weenie

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