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by tramontane

sawyer wrote:tramontane - love that classic old advanced, and those Shimano wheels are a well kept secret ... roll like nothing on earth.

I have a 2008, last year of the old shape, TCR Advanced frameset to be put on sale shortly if you fancy building up yet another :wink:

Hi Sawyer

Very true re the DA 7700 wheels they are super aero but are a bit spongy for sprints
could be interested in frame set depends on ISP length.TBH Changing shoes and crank
lengths means a bit of tweaking for saddle height


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by tigoose

jasonsv wrote:
tigoose wrote:
jasonsv wrote:Its been a while since ive posted, but have buit up a another Giant, not a lightweight but 6.89kg as pictured not bad using Ultegra Di2 shifting, comes in at 6.71kg with my Zipp 404 tubs

Nice bike.. Can you mention your saddle height and size of the frame please?

Frame is a M/L 53.5cm Saddle height is 79cm from center of bb to top of saddle, im 178cm but have long legs.

thanx. i'm 178.5 with long legs too but maybe not as long as yours. my saddle is at 78cm. i've ridden a small tcr and felt good on it as i don't like to stretch out too much but can have the bars quite low. if the frame's weren't so compact i'd be on a small tcr. if i had it now the seatpost would look double the seat tube length.... wish they would make a s/m :(

by Weenie

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Anyone any closer to getting their hands on the new TCR's?

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by ecguevara

My other bike. Been with it for the longest time. Upgraded parts on it every now and then. It now serves as my secondary bike / training bike.

Giant TCR alloy 2002
Shimano 105 Black 5700 group
Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR 2012
~9 kg (not WW worthy, I know :( )


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by chupster98

Here's my 2010 TCR Advanced, currently at 16,5lbs/7.5kg.

In its original form, it started at 17,92 lbs/8.1kg , here are the changes so far:

Tacx Tao bottle cages
Easton EA70 handlebar
Ritchey WCS 4 -Axis stem
Ultremo ZX tires
Dura Ace C24 clincher wheels
Xpedo Thrust 8 pedals
KCNC Steel wheel skewers

I don't think I can loose any more weight, the last step on my list is to switch to a Dura Ace 7900 groupset.
tcr 2010 1.jpg

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by tamato

Heres my 07 TCR

I just finished, pretty much a complete (tight budget) rebuild on it... thanks ebay! All new cables, housing, full Tiagra group, chain, cassette, wheels, bar, stem, tires, saddle, paint and powder coat.
I know it's not much to brag about compared to most of these bikes here, but I love it!

(haven't put the tape on yet in this pic, black Cinelli)

Here's what it looked like when I bought it...

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by fivethirtyonepm

just working on a 2011 TCR Advanced 2 'budget' project at the moment. will post up pics when it's finished.

deviations from standard spec are:-

Deda Zero 2 110mm stem
Deda RM2 44cm bars
Cinelli Cork ribbon
38mm carbon clinchers on Novatec hubs (regular rides)
50mm Planet X carbon tubs (occasional)
Vittoria Evo Corsa CX tyres (clincher and tubular variants)
Rotor Q-rings
Jagwire Racer cables

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by tamato

Swapped out my Selle for a Fizik today, feels great and looks awesome!


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by Renatita81

This is mine size XL

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by sawyer



Stiff, Light, Aero - Pick Three!! :thumbup:

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by Niekgeerts

My Giant TCR Advanced SL 2012


Complete DA 7900 (53/39 & 11/23)
Dura Ace C50 TU with Gatorskin Tubes
Fizik Antares Carbon Braided
3T Ergonova Handlebar
Giant Overdrive II Stem

I just have to finish it with Fizik Microtex tape (white)

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by rOYk

No need to quote the above pic!

This is one of the best looking Giant I have ever seen! I use to have the earlier version of TCR Advance with ISP Post, your bike look much better..

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by Niekgeerts


In the past i had a 2009 TCR advanced (non SL/ISP)
This one is a lot stiffer at the front, 1 1/4 steerer; Overdrive II

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by fivethirtyonepm


2011 TCR Advanced 2 with rotor q-rings, 38mm carbon clinchers and Deda replacement cockpit

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by RC856

Here's my 2012 TCR SL
Mainly Campag Record/SR apart from the Centaur chainset.

by Weenie

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