Pictures of Colnagos

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by Dilbert

I dont need another road bike, but this one followed me home :D

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by Calnago

Ha! I remember seeing one of those. All you need now is a Spider-Man kit.
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by JKolmo

Wow Dilbert! Can you share a full body (frame) shot please

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by Dilbert

I'll take some more pics to post.

Ive got an incomplete Record 10 gruppo in the shelf, but Im a bit broke atm to build it up. I must buy a nicr crank and a few other bits to do it justice.
I was thinking stealth look on everything else to go with the wild paint job.

@ Calnago: like this?
:wink: :shock: :lol:

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by SalsaLover

The spider was Gilberto Simoni moniker , he did ride a Colnago during 2000-2001 with Lampre, but then later didn’t as his teams had other sponsors...

But I believe I saw him riding one on Italian TV after he retired


Lampre Colnagos had beautiful colours I wanted to find a NOS C40 or Dream in Lampre colours but could never find it


Hucken The Fard Up !
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by billywest

crn wrote:
Sat Feb 23, 2019 11:05 am
c60 48s

can you tell me the saddle height in the photo?


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by LewisK

Lovely colour frame! You’ve kept the bike pretty much Italian, nice!

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by markyboy

Got this master down to 8kg with fabric alm saddle,new 3t superergo ltd bars,3t ltd stem and now just waiting for the 3t seatpost.
ImageA1A3BC5C-9E60-4C47-B39B-2861BA41B7AB by mark anderson, on Flickr
ImageF756BEDB-B3C5-42DD-9B82-F3D7C71B550E by mark anderson, on Flickr
ImageC0A09619-E150-4427-9A2C-D74E8505182D by mark anderson, on Flickr
Image306E1295-199B-4F71-BE0F-4DD0F2D96182 by mark anderson, on Flickr
Colnago master with campagnolo super record 12
Pinarello f8 with dura ace di2
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by blutto

....not a photo ( though I do have two Colnagos ) but an interesting comment on the oft maligned demographic that favours Colnagos...

All-round road bikes – rather than endurance bikes – are the bikes with the longest average ride length. The Colnago C64 leads that metric, being ridden an average of 49.24 km per activity (30.6 miles), slightly ahead of the Bianchi Specialissima, Trek Emonda SLR, Pinarello Dogma F10 and Specialized S-Works Tarmac.

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by GlasNago


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by Cervelolite

My C59 reborn today after many years on the wall...

2014 Colnago C59 AD10 - 52s
Campagnolo Chorus 11sp
Campanolo Record Hubs (Rare Polished Silver) laced to Ambrosio Rims

And yes i will fix the valves so they match - i just didnt have a spare silver one :?


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by bruno2000

Anybody on the new V3RS rimbrake allready?

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by Mockenrue

I know a guy who's building one up. I'll see if I can get him on here.

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