Pictures of Colnagos

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by GT3RS

Current spec of my wee V2r with new wheels and deda alanera bars.Image

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by Dov

C64 - 7.142kg

Brooklyn Gangsta V4 with DXR
Cannondale CAAD 10 Track
Cielo Classic Sportif U8000
Cinelli Supercorsa DA9000
Colnago C64 R12
Concorde DA7800
DeRosa Nuovo Classico SR12
Eddy Mercks Corsa Extra Ch12
Felt F1 DA9050
Trek L500

Long time supporter of Rapha

by Weenie

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by Kumppa

RollingThunder wrote:
Wed Mar 02, 2022 8:07 pm
'87 SuperConfex Master
Classic. Green colour fits really well on that frame. :thumbup:

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by nismosr

2020 Colnago C64 Mapei - SR12 EPS - LW Meleinstein
2022 Cipollini Bond 2 - SR11 Disc EPS - Bora WTO 45 - P2max
2021 Basso Diamante SV - SR12 Disc EPS - Bora WTO 60
2022 Basso Palta 2 - Rival/GX AXS - Zipp 303s

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by mikebuf73

tadrums wrote:
Mon Jan 18, 2021 3:58 pm
I have EE DMs on my C64. The braking is awesome w/weight saving an added it.

+1 on the EEs. I also have the C64 (same blue art decor colour also) and the EE brakes are simply amazing. EE have amazing customer care on top of all the other benefits (weight, braking capability, looks...). I am very impressed with them and will be a customer for life having used Dura Ace callipers to date. They're fine, but EE are best in class

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