Show me your Winter bikes

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by sancho3000

Rose Pro DX Cross and some winter


by Weenie


by Krull

rainerhq wrote:There is a big difference between winter and winter. Last weekend we had -12C and I managed to do on 2h training and one 1,5h training before toes got frozen.

formidable. but to cold for me. under those circumstances, i prefer this kind of training (and we have, at the moment, to much snow for serious outdoor-training)


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by nathanong87

winter-fied enough for me

only* bike. so it's a spring, summer, fall , winter bike for me.

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by Krull

wow, thats a nice one! :thumbup: (to nice for winter! :wink: )

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by michel2

U built that frame urself ?'thats is impressive !do you have anpictures of the build proces ? What did you use for a jig ?

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by kampiakseli

yes I did it in the spring 2008. There was not meny disck frames available then. The main tubes was columbus spirit. I even painted it myself too.
During the years I modified it with some parts like Token carbon fork, sram parts and so on. I have sold it. Here some is pictures: ... 12Sirkkeli" onclick=";return false;

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by collideous

Not really a weight-weenie at 29 lbs, but after spending a couple of winters taking my 29ers onto many snow rides (see post anno 2008) , it was time for something more adequate. Currently still at 44HQ, this Big Boy will soon be my winter bike.

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by superb

This bike reminds me of the tractor! :mrgreen:

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by Adri

That is actually a great bike for the snow. Had one on trial a few winters back. The only thing it does not like is mud and tarmac.
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by photocycler

Just finished building it,


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by Ssalmon

Photocycler, what parts do you have on that all city?

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by crispy

Hi all here is my winter bike. I had a Ridley up until Xmas and it was stolen so I had to replace the frame and I transferred everything else off my old summer bike and down graded it all as I was also buying a new summer bike from scratch. Anyway, the bike rides and handles very well, so well it's actually a pleasure to ride. I've no idea what it weighs but for a winter bike it's not too drastic.

Hope you like it.

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by -Robin-

Anybody a good suggestion for a front fender on my winter/commuter bike. Problem is that the mounting holes for the fender are located at the inside of the fork in the middle (probably due to the disk brakes), as can be seen on the picture on the BMC site. I tried a set of SKS longblades but they were clearly designed for a fork with mounting holes at the bottom, not in the middle, which made it impossible to mount them

by Weenie

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