Show me your Winter bikes

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by Rumsas

The Jack Sparrow look :thumbup:

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by bencolem

How do you know its not a black dog covered in white snow?

by Weenie

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by grid256

That dog is awesome. More dogs in bike photos.

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by GZA

The major advantage of having a basic winter bike is you don't have to clean it :) Why waste riding time!

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by Rich.H

bencolem wrote:I properly rate the TK2 as a winter bike, but those wheels are all wrong - you need something heavy (and handbuilt) :wink:

I know you were having a play but given it was my bike that started the debate, I thought I ought to explain myself :wink:

The parts on this build have just evolved over time, as I have purchased new wheels / groupsets etc for use on my other frames. I think if I was starting from scratch, I would have fitted lower spec parts. My previous winter build (which my son now uses) has Mavic Aksiums and an original Ultegra 6600 set up on a Ribble frame.

I definitely enjoy the feeling of bringing my "best" bike out once spring arrives - although I could not resist taking my C59 out for a decent spin last Sunday as the roads were so clean and dry here in the UK. In addition, I really cant bring myself to ride around on Dura Ace / Super Record groupsets once the salt starts getting laid down :shock:


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by sawyer

solarider does make some good points. heavy doesn't always mean unenjoyable though IME ... heavy rims on nice aero wheels for example can give a sublime ride quality.

I keep 2 of 3 bikes away from the wet, salt etc. ... if you live in a dry area then winter can still be a nice time to ride the WW high-end stuff.
Stiff, Light, Aero - Pick Three!! :thumbup:

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by LittleSprinter

solarider wrote:Nice bike but your dog is wearing too much eye shadow and mascara.

As a side note, the dog makes me think of the dog version of Mrs. Havisham from Great Expectations. Granted, our dog also has some heavy eye makeup too.

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by Kulzv


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by philischen


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by skodacars

63cm Caad 10 Shimano 105

lone wheeler
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by lone wheeler

philischen, that winter bike looks awesome! I love it. 8)

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by octav

Nice looking Coppi:)

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by skyfire1202

Here's mine at 7.08Kg with 50mL sealant per wheel (sorry for the huge picture): ... G_0700.jpg

by Weenie

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by rainerhq

This the best winter (or bad weather) bike I´ve seen. Can we have a build list?
Specially interested in: frame, fork, mudguards, tyres, brakes.
Do you ride this bike also in snow?

philischen wrote:Image
Speed Concept
"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride"

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