Show us your cervelo?

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by Getter

Got a new saddle, bar, stem...still at 15lbs. :mrgreen:

by Weenie

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by ross

coppercook62 wrote:Since shortened rear cable , the plastic piece is to prevent my Siamese cat from chewing the Di2 cable. He loves to chew electrical wires in half, he has already destroyed 4 iphone chrging cords.

Oh man I know that feeling! My Burmese has eaten my Ultegra 6700 brake levers, and all the gear cables, he won't leave them alone. Cat fang marks everywhere!

om nom nom


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by coppercook62

I feel your pain

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by Permon

Here is Cervelo R3 (2007 model) with Campa RECORD 2012 and Hyperons wheels. Weight 6,73 kg.

I am planning to buy a R3 Team frameset this winter. Sorry for the poor pictures.

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by plpete


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by williamsf1

Shamus wrote:Image



Shamus - are you able to tell me the exact setup of your ilinks ( I have used them a lot on S series S2 S3 and R series R5 )

we are trying to suss out the best shifting possible for the S5 VWD

as we originally went with stock 2012 RED cables but these seem a little stiff....

any help?

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by Fluffman

Hi Everyone

I am a noob WW and riding a mostly stock 2011 R3. Any suggestions on bringing it down from its current weight of 7.6 kgs? Obvious areas to start are wheelset, however, I live in Northern California, and besides having lots of "shovel ready" roads, there are hills everywhere! An average ride has 2k ft of climbing, so carbon clinchers dont seem like an option with a lot of descending/braking. Did I mention I am 212 lbs? :oops:

Ultegra group
3t Dorico carbon seatpost
Specialized Romin saddle
3t alu stem and bars
White Industries H2 hubs on Velocity Arrowhead rims
No name plastic bottle cages
Stainless Steel axle/plastic Keywin pedals.
R3 again.jpg

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by nathanong87

maybe rub some chili peppers on the di2 cable. that'll show ur cat! :shock:

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by Buffalo

Just a no frills type of TT bike
Untitled by dissemination47, on Flickr

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by SteveFromNY

not weight weenie light, but it's decent enough for me!


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by paddyrider

Permon wrote:Here is Cervelo R3 (2007 model) with Campa RECORD 2012 and Hyperons wheels. Weight 6,73 kg.

I am planning to buy a R3 Team frameset this winter. Sorry for the poor pictures.

That's a lean mean racing machine Permon - thumb up! What BB saddle height and frame size is it?

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by Dalai

My aluminium P3

Dura ace 7800
Zipp 900 disc and Hed Stinger 90 front wheel
Simkin Egg brakes - though have an old Shimano AX rear brake I plan on fitting shortly as the stays are noticeably narrower than the Simkin brake.


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by NapD

Bit boring compared to most bikes on this site but I like it...

Rotor 3D+ with Praxis
0G ti
3T stem, Deda Zero 100 bars, Fizik Post and saddle
Ksyrium Elites, Veloflex Masters with Aircomp Latex tubes.

Weight - Haven't got any scales :oops:


by Weenie

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SteveFromNY wrote:not weight weenie light, but it's decent enough for me!

I take it these are the Planet X 60mm carbon clinchers, how do you like them? Nice touch on the custom decals.

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