Colorful frames only ! Let's see some paint!

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by seaneT1

kgt wrote:That's an awesome Bottecchia! It deserves its own thread.

It will have when I finally get some good pictures of it! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

by Weenie

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by kode54

junchen wrote:This thread is the perfect antidote to the all murdered-out look bike thread :thumbsup

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if i had any paint on any of my wife will figure out how many bikes i have. LOL.

yeah, i'm boring...but if i plan to get any bikes even as replacements, my wife will surely notice!
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by byronfat

Eh, not just here for everyone to see. I have a facebook, but if someone wants it, I'd rather PM.

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by perplex

This one: Allez Sprint Disc.
A Dane relocated to Sydney...

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by Dannnnn

My Specialized TarmacImage

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by Discodan

my contribution, since repainted but was a great colour for a year or so


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by thelorax121

Not exactly a weenie, but here's my flashiest:


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